Tall Tales

Hello I am The Caramel Minx, aka Minxy and Welcome to the blog! I am excited to share my first story and I hope you enjoy!

It all started with Tinder….. That damn Tinder. It’s such a wild card isn’t it? My life is everything short of wild but I kid you not some of the wildest things seem to happen to me. Out of boredom one day I decide to start a Tinder account and to my surprise there are a lot of really handsome men in my area. (In my head I honestly wondered where they have been hiding because I had never seen any of them on my usual outings.) Within an hour or so my inbox started to fill with inquiries from some pretty handsome guys. Once I successfully weeded out the ones who were strictly looking to have sex that day, weren’t my type, or just sent me a message saying “Hi” or “hru?” I set up a few dates with my top favorites. For that entire week I went on 1 to 2 dates a day with different men. Note that I stand 5’9” with flats on and it seemed that EVERY guy that I went out with that week had to be between 5’5”-5’7”. Now I know the reason why I had never seen them out, it is strictly because they would have never been at eye level for me to even see them.

I couldn’t lie though, being out with a different guy every day made me feel like a badass, so the week after that I matched with this one guy in particular, he was hella handsome, beautiful smile, well-traveled, and he had this cute nerdy swag about him. His look reminded me of Miguel,so I wasted no time inboxing him first. To my surprise he had already had a spot in particular he wanted to meet, and normally men don’t so that was a turn on for me.

That evening I got real cute and even confidently threw on 4 ½ inch heels. Rather he was shorter than me or not, he was gone have to embrace this tall glass of water. I finally arrive to the venue at 15 minutes late, for the life of me I could not find this place and I hate being late. I walk in at 7:15pm and spot him sitting there all alone, literally alone, the entire place is empty. Thankfully this man was just as handsome as he was in his photos. I walk up with a huge smile and the first thing he comments on is my dimples, which gave him major points because he complimented my pretty smile and not pointing out that I was late lol. I extend my arms signaling him to stand up and give me a hug. He shuffles out of his bar stool and low and behold another short man standing somewhere between 5’5”, 5’6”.

Since I had 4” heels on adding to my 5’9” frame, he stood right below my perky bra-less breast. I was so annoyed, because this man was fine! I continued to sit down since I’m already here, and decided to just enjoy the night. We order our drinks and from that moment we engaged in some AMAZING conversation. I’m like YAAASSSSS Tinder ya’ll did a great job this time (despite the fact that he’s shorter than me, but I’ve already looked past that because he has been so entertaining and funny.) We talked, laughed and drank right up until the bar was about to close spending about 7 hours in this place. I’m gathering my things about to say goodbye because I was ready to go home and get back on Tinder to look for taller men. That’s when he tells me that he would definitely like to set plans for a second date (Although we had a good time conversing, he simply was not my type, and I don’t want to awkwardly go back out in public with him.) Before I could decline his offer he hits me with that question… “You smoke?” and I couldn’t turn that down. I was definitely in the mood to smoke. He mentions he didn’t drive here because he knew he was going to drinking, and I’m like (damn this man short and don’t have a car) I don’t want to be a bitch especially since he’s been so nice tonight. So I get to my car first because my legs are longer, so I hurry and switch into my flip flops to make this height difference less noticeable. We head to his house and it’s huge, and he actually does have a nice car parked in the driveway. We get inside and I walk into his living room and quickly sat on the sofa and made myself comfortable. He too gets comfortable and removes his boots. I shit you not he hopped out those boots like Lord Farquadd did in Shrek.

I had to take a double take, I had no idea they really made lifts for shoes! Ya’ll this man is now standing at about 5’1…. And he just continues to walk around like he didn’t Lord Farquadd my ass. He rolls up a blunt and I just shut up and indulged in the greenery and relaxed while he put on some 6lack and I vibed out. He walks away for about 2 seconds and when I looked back up at him, he was standing there looking at me naked with his dick hanging down to his knees looking at me waiting for my next move. Amazed, I blurted out “I have never had anything that big before… but uh… my mom ain’t raise no bitch so I have to try it out!” He laughed so loud it knocked me out of my fixation and the next thing I know he’s shoving his dick in my mouth. The more he pumped in and out of my mouth the more my lips got wet (both sets). I dug my nails into the sides of his thighs and forced his hard dick further and further down my throat and before I knew it, hot cum rushed down my throat. I slowed up my sucking and started slow licking up the shaft of his dick until he got hard again locking eyes with him so he knew that I still wanted more. He quickly rose to the occasion, pulled me off my knees pushed me onto the couch, pulled down my tights and thong in one swift movement slid down onto his knees and admired my freshly waxed and pierced pussy.

He stuck his face right into it. I reached back, grabbed his head and shoved his head between my ass and let him taste all the excitement he had caused me.

When I let go of his head he slid his tongue up the crack of my ass stood up and shoved his entire dick into my dripping pussy. The more he fucked me the wetter I got, he grabbed my shoulders and slid his dick to the deepest part of my pussy and after 5 long strokes my pussy started to splash,

I thought I was on the verge of passing out when he adjusted himself and dug in deep and in an upward motion, I could no longer compose myself and I came so hard that I heard what sounded like a gallon of water hit the floor. I had squirted so hard I had covered his living floor with my juices. Embarrassed, I turn around to see the mess...

He knelt down and licked the cum from calf all the up to my thigh. I was so turned on, I turned around took his dick back into my mouth and right when he was about to cum I jerked him off and he came all over my breasts. With my tits glistening from his cum I took two fingers slid them across my breasts and slid my fingers into my mouth. He stared at me for a few moments and then disappeared to the back of the house. Moments later he return with a warm rag, wiped me down and then cleaned his floor.

(In my mind I’m thinking “yasss bitch we did that”) He disappeared again and when he returned he had bowl of grapes to replenish himself, he slid one across my pussy, popped it in his mouth and we continued our conversation about date number 2.

I know they say big things come in small packages, but I was not expecting that..


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