Talk Dirty To Me

He likes when I talk to him during sex. He likes when I say nasty things to him when he fucks me. He likes when I tell him what to do to me. His name is Kev, and here is our story:

Kev and I have spent the last 2 and a half hours on the phone talking about what we want to do to each other. I haven't had sex with him in 3 years, so my body is so ready. I've been playing with my pussy the whole time. I tell him to make himself inside when he arrives, the door will be open. He hangs up and lets me know he's 5 minutes out.

As I'm laying on my couch, I get into line of sight so when he walks through the door, the first thing he sees is me and my pretty pussy.

"Damn, well hello!"

"Come feel how wet you have me right now." He walks over to me and caresses my thighs while I rub on my clit. He tries to make his way to touching my pearl...

"Go wash your filthy hands!"

"Yes of course." He walks to my bathroom and does the quickest hand wash ever so that he can return back to me.

I hop off the couch to give him a huge hug.

"Tell me you missed me."

"You know I did. I missed you so much. I'm glad you made time for me." I place my fingers over his lips to tell him to hush.

"Put your mouth on my pussy." I shove his head down and make him eat me out while I'm standing. I balance my foot on his shoulder and my hand on his head.

"Make it wetter!?" He pulls his head back for air, and I push it right back in between my thick thighs. I lose balance and fall back on the couch.

"Damn baby you taste so fucking good." He waste no time making his way back to my pussy.

"Eat this motherfucka like it's your last meal." I thrust my hips forward to fuck his face, smothering my juices all over his face.

"You like eating my pussy baby?" He's so dedicated eating my pussy he fails to respond.

"Answer me dammit!"

"Yes, I love it. Yes!" I pull his head up to my mouth so he can kiss me with my juices on his tongue.

"You were right, I do taste good." I lick my lips while he stares me in the eye.

"Damn, you are so fucking sexy. I miss your crazy ass."

"Put your dick in me."

He waste no time flipping me around to put his dick inside me. He's pounding me so hard, and I'm still rhythmically throwing it back at the same time.

"Yeaaa, oouuu, fuck! Your dick feels so goooood! Fuck this pussy! Yess! Deeper! Go deeper!"

"Keep talking to me, you about to make me nut."

"No, don't cum! Please don't cum. Fuck me longer." I pull his dick out of me and turn around to sit completely on the couch.

"Get back over here!"

"No, you aren't allowed to cum before me. If you can't handle it, then we should stop."

He strokes his dick while I sit back and watch.

"Are you ready to be a big boy and handle this pussy? Or are you gonna nut fast like a little ass teenager"

"I'm ready." I drop to my knees and gently lick on his dick and balls.

"Your dick is so big." I continue to jut kiss, and lick on his dick.

"You want me to put it in my mouth?"


"Well ask me."

"Put my dick in your mouth."

I grab his dick and deep throat it one good time. He holds my head down while I massage his dick with my throat. My eyes begin to water as I struggle to breathe after his dick has been in my throat for almost a minute. I push his hand off my head so I can release.

"You tried to kill me." As I gasp for air.

"Turn that ass back around."

"No!" I push him back on the floor and I hop on top.

"You're gonna take this pussy how I give it to you." I start to bounce on his dick, while he tries to keep my titty in his mouth. He squeezes and licks my nipples knowing that it used to make me cum harder.

"Bite my nipple. Bite it!" I can feel myself about to cum, so I bounce harder on top of him.

I stop so that he can finish on my ass, the way he likes. I hop up and assumed my position back on the couch.

"Come finish."

He hurries over and inserts his dick right back inside me, he does slow deep strokes while gripping on my hips.

"Fuuuckk!!" I can feel his dick pulsating against my walls as his thick dick fills up with his cum.

"You on birth control right?"


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