Spoken Fantasy - The Finale

*Disclaimer - Graphic images, vulgar, inappropriate, and gross language, in this post. Proceed at your own discretion*

Saturday 1:00 PM - Rise and Shine

Yes I slept the fuck in, and so did everyone else. I wake up in a delusional, dizzy, daze. My naked body feels as though I fell through a 5 story house and landed on my pussy. My mind began to replay the greatness of last night so I slide my fingers between my pussy lips and prepare for my routine morning masturbation session. I was much wetter than normal, so I really got in deep with my fingers reaching my G-Spot, all while rubbing on my clit with my other hand. I made myself cum super quick. I love the taste of my juices after I cum, so I pull my hands from under the sheet to digest my morning vitamins.


I dramatically yell, upset that my fucking period started! Of all days! It wanna be all irregular and come twice this month! This dumb as Nexplanon in my arm got my system all fucked up!

"Ugh!" I'm so fucking annoyed. I take a few breaths and calm myself as I hear footsteps nearing the room I'm sleeping in. (They did not manage to bring me back to my mini house last night).

'knock knock'

"Hey honey, rise and shine!" trueebonybdsm comes in, and sits towards the end of the bed.

"Hey, do you think I can take a quick shower?"

"Of course, we'll get to that sweetie. How did you sleep?" She leans in closer to kiss on me and I immediately jerk my head away.

"I have a slight dilemma..."

"What is it? too much last night?"

I embarrassingly pull the sheets back to show her the mess I made.

"Hahaha oh honey." She fucking laughs, gets up off the bed and walks out the door. I'm stuck looking confused and stupid like "ummm WTF..."

After about 3 minutes of me laying there embarrassed and trying to figure out a game plan of getting the fuck out of here now, Hubby walks in with a towel and some fresh clothes. He pulls my sheet back and effortlessly lifts my hefty body. He carries me down the long hallway to one of their guest bathrooms where trueebonybdsm has a steamy shower running, a glass of water and a couple of pills waiting for me next to the bathtub.

"Take these" I without question pop the pills in my mouth at this point I'm sure they aren't trying to kill me. This is more than likely going to put me at ease.

(Which I later found out that these pills were self-made capsules that is supposed to increase dopamine for a woman's sexual hunger/libido, and it helps with achieving an orgasm. It consisted of high level combinations of Maca powder, some type of ginseng, and an indole alkatoid derived from some kind of tree in Africa. I'm working on getting more details about it, so that I can start selling it, because the shit is GREAT!)

Hubby places me in the shower, and begins to wash my body from toe to pussy, and trueebonybdsm begins to wash me from navel to neck. the shower is huge, you can fit about 10 people in here. And there's 4 different shower heads placed in each corner!

They tag team to cleanse my body. trueebonybdsm takes her clothes off to join me inside the shower, and so does Hubby. She starts to suck on my hard nipples, while Hubby is behind me massaging the outside of my asshole. As I'm sandwhich'd between them I don't know where to direct my attention. I begin to touch on trueeebonybdsm thick, soft body. Before I know it, Hubby is on his knees eating my ass and fingering my pussy from behind. Not caring slightly that I'm on my cycle. After a while it feels so good, I forget all about it. I push trueebonybdsm up against the shower wall behind her, bent my ass over a bit more for Hubby, and then lifted her leg up so that I can have some of her juices since I wasn't able to get mine earlier. I did to her what I know feels good to me. I did a soft glide with my tongue across her entire vulva, circling around her medium sized clit. I sucked on her clit softly until I felt it swell up in my mouth, then I went back to soft licks. She starts to dig her nails in the back of my neck, trying to keep her balance and contain herself. Hubby is beginning to make magic behind me making me cum so hard, and is he's just slurping up the water from the shower and my juices all together. In unison, trueebonybdsm creams all over my tongue as I moan on her pussy.

"Come fuck me daddy!" She shoves me to the side, and Hubby does as he's told. He immediately slides up in her and fucks her passionately.

I do nothing but step back and watch. I lean against the other end of the shower, and start playing with my pussy again. (Not as messy as before). I can now feel the bliss kick in from the pills I took earlier. I grab hold of the extra handheld shower piece from the other side of this large shower and I go back to watching...

As I release my moans from behind them, I can tell Hubby is going deeper and harder, putting on a show. A show that I was very much enjoying. He lets out a sexy ass man moan and trueebonybdsm collapses to the shower floor in shakes as she cums again. We both lay there gazing in one another eyes.

"Who needs food!"

I look over at trueebonybdsm and we in synced mumbled "We do!".

We make our way out of the shower, Hubby hands me my change of clothes, a weird string-less tampon, and cute fluffy slippers.

I arrive in the kitchen and there is a massive breakfast cooked and ready to eat, by a cute Hispanic woman.

Hubby and trueebonybdsm are already at the dining table eating. I make my plate of things that will not upset my stomach later, so I grab strawberries, small scoop of breakfast potatoes, and a pancake. Once I get to the table I realize trueebonybdsm hasn't lifted a finger, Hubby has fed her every bite she has taken, including giving her sips of her OJ. She reads her newspaper, and we all sit there as if we're some normal family having brunch.

"Can you go make us a real drink babe?"

"On it!"

"I'll have a gin and ton-.."

"Tonic, I know." he cuts me and off and jumps up to serve us.

Hubby returns with our drinks and 6 breakfast shots the Hispanic cook apparently whipped up. He makes a toast and we cheers and throw back the first round of shots. I grab my strawberry off my plate and then trueebonybdsm makes her way towards me again. As she approaches I keep eye contact with her. She grabs the strawberry out of my hand, straddles me and feeds it to me.

"You're so fucking sexy." Little did she know I been practicing my sexy strawberry eating skills for years now, just in case I was in a situation where somebody fed my ass a strawberry.

I try and slide my fingers inside her, because her pussy is so warm and juicy. She stops me, and hops from on top of me.

"Drink your drink. You aren't able to touch me without permission." I'm thinking to myself, bitch I've touched you without permission before. but I just gaze at her with a smirk on my face. I know I'll get more later.

We throw back our second round of shots.

Hubby begins to make small talk about current events, so I continue to drink and chit chat with them. I begin to feel the same feeling I was feeling Friday night, my eyes slowly drift close and lights began to flicker bright and fast. Incapable of functioning physically I feel my body slide out the chair and land on the floor. I'm thinking to myself not AGAIN...

I knew when I woke up I'd be in for a new treat. A treat I was going to hate in a very satisfying way. My mind was still present, I was just numb and sleep. It's such a weird feeling to explain.

I wake up in a very awkward position, locked into some mastermind creation. Hearing the voice of trueebonybdsm.

"Since your pussy want's to fuck up our weekend, your pussy will be taught a lesson. Isn't that right y'all?"

"Y'all?" I ask in such a worried tone.

"You're favorite man is back sweetie, and we all want a piece of you today."

"I like you in this position." I hear the deep beautiful voice of my driver, whom I'm unable to see at this time because my fucking neck is strapped down.

A part of me wants to use the safe work we talked about via email before I came, but I ain't no weak bitch! I'm down for whatever.

"Give me what you got! Come on!" I for some reason amp up the situation. Low key eager to see what driver is gonna do to me, because I plan on him being zaddy and fly down to see him at least once a month.

Hubby walks up to me laughing, with a device that keeps making a zapping noise, and then I hear trueebonybdsm laughing with him.

"Her nipples only!" she orders Hubby.

He places the shock device on the very tip of my nipple, and I don't know if any of you have every had your nipple zapped before, but you feel the shit in your pussy, neck, toes, and even scalp. It's a new feeling for me, that initially hurt, and had me squirming as much as I could. After his third zap I started talking more shit, about how much this was nothing!

"Go shut her up please."

"With pleasure boss."

Driver walks toward my upside down face, unzips his pants, and slips his hard ass dick out of his briefs and slaps it on my face. I roll my eyes at him with a rather flirtatious look on my face because sure enough, I actually liked the dick slap.

"Slap me again!"

"Yea, you like that shit you nasty bitch?"

As I try to get a response out, Hubby zaps my nipple with a higher volt, and trueebonybdsm whips my pussy so fucking hard. I let out a dying howl.

"No, no, no, no, no, no more! Fuck that hurts!" I plead and demand her to stop.

Before I could weep any longer, driver shoves his dick in my mouth, and fucks my face until I couldn't squeeze out another word. Sounds roar of mumbles, cries, moans, and panting. As if they were musicians in a band, they all had a melody to contribute. Hubby zapping my poor innocent nipples, driver fucking my throat trying to make me throw up my breakfast, and trueebonybdsm punishing my pussy like she said she would.

Let's stop for a second, and imagine the painful sensation I am experiencing right now...

"I think she's had enough." Hubby sees the pile of my tears on the floor and my body becoming non-responsive and decides to speak up for me. Driver pulls his dick out of my mouth, and the whips stop. My pussy is throbbing faster than my heart beat, and my throat feels swollen.

"You can let her loose I guess." Right after that remark, she gives me one more good lash.

"You fucking BITCH!" I yell at her as I scream at the top of my lungs.

"What the fuck did she say?" She quickly detaches me from the fixture and whispers to hubby, "I'm fucking hanging her."

"Let's give her a break honey."

"I SAID FUCKING HANG HER NOW! Now help me get her over there honey."

At this point I can't even fight for myself as I lay helplessly on the floor staring at driver hoping he'd come to my rescue, but instead he stood back and continued to jack his dick while looking at my body.

Hubby lifts my body over his shoulder and walks me to a new area. Once I get there, trueebonybdsm digs her finger in my pussy, and hooks out the tampon and throws it on the floor, she attaches something to legs and fucking flips on a switch that begins to slowly crank me while I'm still on Hubby. She moves to my arms as I get higher in the air, dangling from the legs upside down.

"No I don't wanna be upside down, I'm sorry, please let me down. Please." At this point I'm so delirious I couldn't think of the fucking safe word we discussed. But I no longer want to participate.

"No." She simply replies with a laugh and continues to tie my neck to my arms and attach it to a hook on the ground.

She grabs a remote and turns on the vibrator attached to the leg lift. This vibrator had to be on level 500. It felt good to ease the burning sensation from the whips, but I couldn't handle the intensity. I could feel my clit about to explode. The way I've been contracting and clenching my core, I can feel abs forming. At this point I have no clue of my surroundings, I hear nothing, and I can't see anything. I just feel the blood rushing all over the place, confused if it wants to all go to my head or to my pussy... It goes to my pussy. My silky secretions begin to seep between the vibrating device, and trickle down my pussy, to my stomach, between my titties, around my neck, down my cheeks and to the floor. Some finding its way in my mouth, as I pant for air.

"Squirt for me baby, yes! That's what I want!" trueebonybdsm cheers me on from the sidelines.

I feel like I've been hanging for 30 minutes, and I can no longer feel my toes, or legs. My head is pulsing, and my pussy is numb. Out of no where I let out a washing squirt that splats off the vibrator and all over the place. I can see the pink drops land on Hubby''s muscle shirt as he comes closer to get rained on.

"Help me." I whimper to Hubby. He unhooks the rope, and lifts my body up so that my head is no longer hanging.

"Flip the switch." He directs driver, because trueebonybdsm is sitting on the floor fucking herself with a dildo.

"I can't take anymore please."

"Is she fucking tapping out!?"

"It's OK honey, let's get her back to her room, she's done."

"I got her." After I was set free from being hung like a fucking slave. Hubby passes my dead weight to driver.

"You got me?" I look him in the eyes in a very vulnerable state. "Don't leave tonight, stay with me."

"Don't worry Ms. Melanin Milk, we'll continue the fun back here since your tapping out on us." She yells as we walk away. I can tell she was being sarcastic and petty. But damn bitch you ruined me! As much as I enjoyed this experience I honestly just couldn't endure anymore. ANY-MORE!

"Don't mind her, she gets bitter when she doesn't get what she wants." Driver reassures me that everything will be fine, and he'll take care of me tonight.

He places my naked body in the backseat of his car, and runs back in the house. He returns after about 5 minutes, Which was fine by me, I needed a couple of minutes to myself to regroup myself. He came back with my clothes from Friday washed and folded.

He drives towards the back of the house, and I manage to get myself up and out of car.

Driver allowed me to go shower and freshen up, and get all sexy. I realized mother nature had subsided for the moment which was a blessing because all I wanted to do was be around his strong brown body. I met him back in the living room, he had a blunt rolled and Apple Music Mood. R&B playlist playing on the surround system (Check that playlist out, it was a banger). I scoot closer to him on the couch and we begin kissing, and rubbing all over one another.

Driver (whom I will now call Tony, because after a night of talking I learned he is more than just a driver) and I spent the evening participating in wild unprotected sex. (to which I do not condone! So do not be out raw dogging motherfuckers you don't know, but under these circumstances I was bit off my game.) He rubbed his raw dick on the outside of my pussy smearing my wetness all over, and shoved it deep inside me after aggressively ripping off my sexy lingerie. I knew Hubby and trueebonybdsm was probably back home watching us get it in while they touch one another. So I made sure not to appear a rookie as I fuck and suck every ounce of cum out Tony's body.

he continued to pound me out, while I threw it back and clenched my walls to hug every vein on his dick. He stood me up and managed to keep his dick inside me as we walked to the bed.

He wrapped his strong arms around me and whispered a bunch of sweet somethings in my ear.

"I want you to be mine."

"I wanna be yours."

"I love your pussy baby."

He knew I was in love with his dick since the moment he first inserted it inside me yesterday. He was a mysterious guy, that I couldn't tell if he was just playing a role or if he was genuinely into me. Right now, it didn't matter because I was enjoying every second of being with him.

He pulls me to edge of the bed and continued to fuck me all while giving me deep eye contact.

We continued to fuck even after he came 2 times. His dick never got soft.

"Be mine."

"I am yours."

He collapse on top of me after exploding his third nut all over my belly. He takes his hand and wipes his cum off me and made me consume it. I sucked it off his fingers as if it was ice cream on a spoon.

We climb completely in the bed and cuddle for the rest of the night.

To which I thought we were done for the night. But NOPE.

He flipped my ass around, and what I thought was about to be more rough sex, turned out to be soft kisses an licks to my beaten pussy, he accepted every fluid that seeped through my lips as I came from his sensual pecks.

We finally both really passed around 6am, knowing I have a flight to catch at 1:45pm, I quickly set the alarm next to the bed for 10am, so that I don't miss my flight.

I looked forward to going to home. I've been praying for Sunday.


(Yes Tony and I still talk, and text til this day. Updates to come)

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