She Did That!

***Reader Submission***

Every blue moon have a strong taste for pussy, and as a (mostly) heterosexual woman that can become a bit troublesome. One cannot simply find and consume random pussy - there is a cultivation that needs to happen so that you can make the best educated guess that the pussy is safe and delicious. There is definitely an art to it.

Well I had been wanting “girl time” for a few months so my plan was to find someone tasty at a healthy food store, because you know-vegans...anyway. I went to the same Trader Joe’s after work everyday for like a week. To my surprise I saw some familiar faces after a few days. So I get my seductive, casual flirt on as I walk the aisles.

As soon as I saw her- I knew she was who I wanted. Short, thick, brown skin, light brown eyes...beautiful smile and a bit of an edgy look (she had purple highlights and her nose was pierced). The next time I saw her, she was in the aisle with the dried fruit when I slid right in behind her.

“OMG I love those!”

I said as she chose the dried mangos.

“Me too!”

She replied with a big smile. I chatted her up about her favorite snacks and asked where she was from to feel her out. As I listened to her talk, I gazed into her eyes like a vampire glamorizing a mere mortal. Then I went in for the kill..

“You are soooo pretty,” I replied- totally off topic. She giggled, and I knew I was in. She let's me know she's about to grab a drink after this and I should join her as "she would looovve the company" those were her exact words. So just like that, we’re at Carrabbas and she’s telling me all about herself while I’m ordering fruity sangria, after fruity sangria and flirting hella heavy.

"So, do you wanna come back to my place?"

"What? Who me? Of course I do!" So we’re tipsy AF on the way to her place when she tells me, “Oh by the way I have 2 roommates. They’re both guys.” My face is like 'Oh ok, no biggie' in my head I’m like...what do they look like though lol?.

We pull-up. Two tall, muscular chocolate dipped niggas are sitting in the living room. Looking like they just stepped out the 2K game they were playing. She introduces us and they both stand up to greet me. They’re every inch of 6’2-6’4. By this time, my heart is racing and I’m starting to perspire slightly. All I can see in my mind is all 4 of us ass naked in a big beautiful orgy and I’m NOT here for it! I wasn’t ready, I just came for pussy. I’m visibly nervous. They seemingly pick up on that and disappear upstairs. So now myself and my cocoa conquest are alone on the couch in the living room and we get straight to it.

As soon as the roommates are out of sight we start to touch each other all over. Squeezing on each other’s soft asses and breasts-kissing passionately all down each other’s necks to our nipples. Licking and sucking seductively. I have no idea how she undressed me, but I was almost instantly naked and on my back. She caressed my thighs as she spread them for me and buried her face in my pussy, hands free.

NEVER have I ever had such amazing tongue. Shorty’s tongue spread my thick pussy lips and swirled around my clit like a serpent. What type of sorcery was this? I immediately sat up to see what the fuck she was doing. Ohhh my gawd she was good...too good! I started to moan loudly, I couldn’t control myself.

My body twisted and contorted like I was possessed with pleasure. She slipped her long wet tongue inside me, as she looked up at me with her lovely amber eyes. I felt her hook her tongue hook upwards as she pressed it against my g-spot. In and out, over and over with a silky smooth transition between strokes. I could hardly breathe between moans and contortions. Oh she was giving HEAD head! I was so turned on already, and watching her deliver such precise, pleasure just took me completely out. I was in a state of bliss when she pulled her tongue out of my quivering pussy with such finesse and went back in for my clit. I jumped up to my feet with no warning! I came to eat that pussy and I was being devoured she looked so surprised- especially since I was getting so close to cumming. I got down on my knees and commanded her to get on the couch in my place. She smirked at me with a soaking wet face as she sat her pretty ass down on the couch. I spread her knees apart and leaned in between them to French kiss my juices off of her tongue.

She was nasty and I wanted her to know how much I loved it. I licked the pussy juice off the side of her face. She looked at me with a devious, naughty look. She continues to kiss my lips and run her tongue across mine sharing my juices.

After the head I just received- I knew I had to bring my a game with her. It had been so long since I ate pussy. I felt a split second of nervous energy, but I decided to hit shorty with some real freak shit. I pushed her knees all the way up to her shoulders and pulled her to me forcefully. Her eyes opened wide with surprise. I told her to “keep them legs up” in an aggressive tone. She quickly wrapped her hands around the backs of her knees.

With her heels in the air, I took a moment to look at her pretty peach. She had a big fat pussy that rose up from between her thighs like a brown ‘n serve roll. I immediately started to salivate yumm. I grazed my lips across her pussy lips and breathed in heavily to build her anticipation. I noticed she started to breathe a bit more quickly. Sweat beaded on slightly on her forehead. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I lapped her dripping pussy with long slow licks- her pussy tasted like cantaloupe and coconut water. She exhaled deeply and turned her head back and forth, panting and whipping her pretty purple hair. I then stepped it up a notch, as I noticed she was holding back. Either she was a quiet type or she was trying to be quiet for her roommates OR I needed to go harder. I looped one arm around her thigh and used that hand to spread her pussy lips and pull the hood back on her plump pink clit. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it like it like a little dick. Swirling my tongue around in a figure 8 motion with a steady pace until my sweet little treat finally let out a cry that sounded as if I was killing her! Her roommates swung a bedroom door open from upstairs and peered over the bannister. I paused to look up at her, she waved them off frantically with her feet still straight up in the a good girl.

The fact that we’d been caught was sexy as fuck! I released her leg and dove into her pussy with my tongue the same way she had done mine. Tonguing her g-spot then sliding back up to her clit, alternating back and forth every now and then. She was moaning softly in a rhythm that coincided with my movements, I knew I had her right where I wanted her- in a state of ecstasy. It was time for the next level. I slid my tongue from her g-spot down to the bottom of her pussy painstakingly slow... right into her ass! I felt her thighs suddenly tense up around me She didn’t expect that! I hummed a strong help her relax then I played with her slippery clit with my thumb while my tongue lightly circled her asshole. Her moans reached a high pitch I’d never heard up until then. I laughed a little bit in my mind when I thought about what her roommates must be hearing. She was loving the rim job, so I dipped my tongue in her ass to test the waters. She let out a freaky “aaauuuugghhhhhhh!!!!” she tasted amazing so why not? I dipped my tongue into her ass in and out as I pressed her thighs back with both hands. When she felt ready, I removed my tongue, slipped a finger in her ass and placed my mouth right back on that clit. She started to convulse like she was having a seizure, her moans sounded torturous. I continued to finger her ass and lick her pussy as I felt her body fight back. Her pussy muscles clenched when it was too intense, squeezing my finger in her tight ass and then released when she was wanting more. I looked up at her with her legs up in the air and that pussy and ass raised up for me to enjoy. The sight was so beautiful. She starred back at me with a sensual look and shook her head all while holding them legs back like I told her to. I had her stand up so I can admire that beautiful ass properly.

I wiggly, kiss and caress her ass and go right back to pleasing her. The finger up the ass and g-spot/clit combo had her shaking and quivering. I noticed she was getting close to climax, judging by her body’s movements and her intensifying moans. Her wet pussy started to leak a stream of clear water with a slightly sweet taste, like a slow drip from a faucet. All of a sudden she let out two screams one low and then one high then her whole body went stiff. I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy, rubbing it side to side, so I could feel her cum in my mouth and oooohhhh my gawd! A huge wave of pussy water smacked me in the face! It was so much...the water filled my whole mouth, it got in my nose somehow and I’m pretty sure my ears got wet. It was all over my face, my neck, dripping down my titties! Damn the couch! I was in awe I slowly released her from my grip and watched her body fall limp when she’d released every last drop. Her expression was dazed and confused as she laid completely still.

She thought I was done, but not yet. I wanted to taste those plump breast of hers.

"Take that off too." I demand her to remove her sports bra.

"I can't take anymore." She pleads.

"I'll be gentle, I just don't want to stop enjoying you." I look up and see the guys still watching. So I let them peak from around the corner as I suck on her titties and rub on your exhausted pussy.

I circled my tongue around her areolas and slid her nipples between my teeth softly with a little forceful pull. I can see the chills rising on her body. I sucked on them as if I was trying to retrieve some milk. Her soft moans increased as my fingers and nipple sucking made her cum one more time.

"Cuddle with me"

We nestled our naked bodies side by side and laid in silence for a while. That shit was so dope. We drifted away into a light doze for what seemed like a few minutes when deep masculine voices woke us up. Her roommates were in the kitchen making breakfast 🤦🏽‍♀️ they had walked past our naked asses passed out on the couch and went to make food. We both jumped up and scrambled to find our clothes. I was so mortified I got dressed as quick I could, gave her a quick hug, grabbed my purse and ran out the door. When I got home, I had a long shower and climbed into bed. As I replayed the the night in my head I realized I’d never gotten her number.

The End!


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