Period Hack!

So this post is going to be T.M.I but it is definitely worth sharing because I want ya'll to have a great sex life. I know there are probably other women out there who might be going through what I'm going through (was going through). So I am here to share how to have sex on your period and he not even know! Not to mention it be bomb as hell!

For starters, I have been on birth control since I was 14 years young!!

Yes, you heard me correctly, Which now would make 13 years of toxic, unnatural chemicals tainting my precious body. This past year I struggled with excessive bleeding, menstrual cycles that would last months, and even once it was "done" I was still spotting. I would go 1 or 2 days out the month with no bleeding. It was so stressful, aggravating, and fucking up my sex life. Not all men are down with fucking while Aunt Flow is in town. I had to figure out an alternative. Thankfully I have been birth control free for 3 months now, congrats to me.


This is going to sound crazy and extra, but trust me, you will thank me.

You know the little make-up wedges?

Yes those. These little fuckers SOAK SHIT UP! It blocks any and all blood that is planning on falling out of your cervix. No more crazy mess, putting down a towel, fucking in the shower, etc. You can proceed as normal. Instead of the usual...

There is no need to put them on stand by until your cycle is over.

What do you do with those little wedges you ask? Well let me tell you.

First and foremost go wash your hands. Grab one of the triangular wedges, lay on your bed, cock those legs open and shove the wedge all the to the end of the road (against the cervix). It will position itself to block the cervical opening. You may need to push your kegel muscles in order to get it as deep as you need to reach your cervix.

Right where that blood is dripping is where the sponge will sit. It is best to insert directly after taking a shower because you won't have bloody fingers afterward. It will be a pain putting it in the first time but once you experience period sex without the period mess you are going to continue to make this sacrifice. Especially if you're a sex addict like myself. I used to think the period made my pussy even more wet when I have sex on my cycle, but nope. A bitch was still HELLA wet.

I normally use it when I'm at the end, when it's brown old shedding blood, or light spotting, but I have certainly done it right in the middle of a heavy cycle.

I know when I first started experiencing the brown blood I was so annoyed. When you fuck and this is present it is not a good look. Now you can avoid making a red, brown, pink, or burgundy stain on the sheets with these make-up wedges.

The best part about all of this, is he won't feel a thing when inside you, with his fingers or dick. The sponge is so squishy it just feels like part of your pussy. So let him dig deep.

He can literally be ALL UP IN IT and will never know you're on your cycle. Not to mention I feel like every time I fuck I get so much more wetter. My walls are secreting so much unnecessary fluids, clear silky fluids. It could also be SheOrgasms, but either way the sex be bomb as fuck!

Again, here is a link to Target to get the ones I get. (Click image below).

Now taking this thing out is a pain lol You gotta dig deep up in there to hook it and slide it out, but after the fucking I be doing it's normally ready to slide the fuck out. It's going to feel like part of your pussy so it'll be hard to differentiate the difference. But you'll get it, I've never not gotten it out. Even my gullible friends who have tried this has coined this to be a game changer.

The wedge doesn't contain any chemicals that are unsafe for your precious yoni, but I mean you can do your own research. I'm no doctor, just a sex blogger. I would never tell ya'll nothing that'll harm you though. We're all in this together!

Happy Cumming!

And let's all thank the sex gods that we're

See you soon!


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