Kanye Is Back!

"So this is what you like Ye?" My eyes secretly filled with joy.

"I like it tonight, and tonight only."

"Stay right there." I run to get my bag, and I empty it out right in front of his feet. I grab my phone to change the playlist from Beyoncè to some Trap Music.

"Get naked..." He immediately undresses. Out falls this huge ass dick! Already hard and erect. I was slightly shocked. I didn't think Kanye would have a big dick.

I wasn't sure where to go from here, he's standing in front of me naked and I don't know what to do. I'm not drunk enough to fully sexually attack him.

"What are you gonna do?" He ask as I obliviously stand there clueless.

"Follow me." I pick up the dildo and vibrator and walk closer to the couch.


He plops down. I quickly walk back to grab the blind folds, and I throw them at him.

"Put em on."

I get in front of him kneeling on my knees, I cup his one little ball (Kanye has 1 ball) and squeeze super tight. He squirms.

"Not so tight!"

"I don't care what you want Ye!"

I continue to squeeze his ball, as I run my teeth along side his shaft. I get it super wet and then I begin to suck on his head while running my nails along his dick.

"Damn that feel good Bey, you like my dick in your mouth don't you." I quickly lift up.

"You don't speak!" He stands up and removes his blindfold.

"This isn't how I imagined it would be..."

"This is how it's gonna be." I slide his blind fold back down and shove his big dick all the way down my throat. He gone learn today. I will use this opportunity to teach his ass a LESSON!

I push him back down on the couch. And continue to get him as hard as possible. I know Kim ain't sucking his dick like this, she too prissy. His heavy breathing is reassurance. I feel his dick throb, so I grab the vibrator and place it on the tip of his dick while I play with his ball. I circulate my tongue and suck on it until it was pulsating. I knew he was about to cum. His dick falls out of my mouth and smacks him right on his stomach.

"You better not cum." Pre-cum leaks out on his belly. I wipe it off with my finger tips, and smear it on his lips. He licks his lips and moans.

I push his head down to see if he can lick his own dick. because that fucker is so huge I know he can. He moves my hand off his head trying to avoid autofellacio.

"Do it!" I keep pushing his head closer to his dick.

"I can't!" I push his head even harder. I caress his back and sing a little Beyoncè melody in his ear. "Tonight I'm gonna dannnceee for youuuu..."

Before you know it, his head stretched far enough for him to suck the tip of his own dick.

"Yasss!!" I step back and watch him squeeze and suck his own dick.

"Who run the world, GIRLS. Who run the world GIRLS!" I start doing my 'I'm the shit' dance.

I see him enjoying this too much

"You the head of the class, you just won a swallowship." I laugh at my corny Kanye West reference. I catch a slight smirk on his face. I shove him to fall sideways on the couch.

"Get on all fours and be still." I spit on his booty hole and place one finger in there. He lets out a gentle moan, so now I know whats up. I dip his back deeper into the couch so he's arched and I shove the 5 inch dildo right into his ass!

"Yes Beyoncè, Yes!" he moans aloud.

"You gone leave Kim annoying ass? Address me properly"

"Yes Queen B!" I go deeper and deeper as his ass naturally secretes more fluids, making it easier to penetrate him.

"Fuck this shit!" He hops up quickly.

"This is not how the night is supposed to go! I ain't addressin' yo ass as Queen B anymore!. Take that off, bend over and spread yo ass open! Now!" I wasted no time.

"This is my fuckin' moment!" He grabs a condom, while I waited with my ass in the air, I guess he about to shut me up.

"Mmmmm that feels so good!" He rams his big dick inside me, he lucky I was super wet and ready or else that would have been even more painful. He's shoving all of his dick deep inside me.

"Fin. a. lly. Some. Body, Who. Can. TAKE. THIS. DICK!" He uses all his core muscles to thrust forward with every syllable of his words.

He is fucking the shit out of me.

"Talk to me Bey!" I try to get words out, but this nigga is in my stomach!

"This dick is so good Ye! I've been waiting for this!"

"Yea?... Yea? You like this?"

"I love it. Keep fucking me Ye, don't stop!"

His grunts are becoming more and more aggressive and I can no longer take the pain of his dick puncturing my cervix. I bring my hand back to push him off and he pins my hand down on my back.

"You gone take this dick!"

I don't respond.

"Tell me you love me!"

"I love you Kanye. I love you!"

"I love you too Bey. I want you. I want you for myself." He stops fucking me and leans on top of me hugging me from the back. I hear his first whimper, then a full blown cry. His tears are running down my side. I slide from under him and began to rub his back.

"Let it out baby. Let it out" His cry becomes deeper and ugly. He's sobbing at this point. I allow him to release it all.

I sit back and let him have his moment. I watch his dick shrink to a soft, shriveled, mushroom.

He snaps out of it fairly quickly. He crawls closer to me and stares me in the eyes.

"Tell me who you are."

"I'm Beyoncè Knowles."

"Say it again."

"I'm Beyoncè Knowles."

His dick is quickly coming back to life. He caresses my face as he stands up. He continues to slightly jack his dick until it gets super hard. I continue to repeat who I am until he's full on hard.

"Open your mouth." The same way he was hardcore fucking my pussy he is now hardcore fucking my face. I'm actually gagging on his dick so much. He is giving no fucks that he is pretty much choking me.

"I'm about to nut! Imma bust it on your beautiful face." He pulls his dick out of my mouth, and I fight to gather my breath.

"Tell me who you are."

"I'm Beyoncè Knowles."

"What do you want me to do?

"I want you to nut on face."

He unloads on my face. and quietly whispers "Yea bitch" under his breath. He takes a seat to catch his breath and soaks it all in. I lie flat on the floor and just stare at the ceiling. I look over at the vintage wall clock, it's only 7:30 AM. My flight leaves at 6 PM. I have time to nap, eat, and relax.

"Thank you..." He walks toward me as he gathers his clothes and reaches his hand out.

"Kay." I shake his hand with a big nervous smile.

He walks to the back, changes, and walks out with his duffel bag.

One month later...

After Kanye was able to deeply cry, hear his truth, experience a night with the love of his life, and be himself he did a complete 180 degree turn! He unfollowed Trump on social media, he left Kim for a black girl that rocks Bantu knots, took custody of his kids, opened a true foundation in Chicago to carry on his mother's legacy, and he released a dope as album call College Dropout 2 with songs with Talib Kwali, Jay-Z, Common, J Cole, Kendrick, and Andre 3000! The album was FIRE!

And then I woke up.

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