El Chapo

After a very difficult break up, I seemed to have lost my mojo for a long while. I didn’t want to get into anything serious, but I still craved that masculine energy so I took to the internet to find someone who could satisfy my craving.

I joined a popular black social site, posted some sexy pics and wrote a poem for my bio. I wanted some super sensual, bomb-ass, artsy dick! And soon, that’s exactly what I found. El Chapo- a handsome Panamanian and black poet, found my page and hit me up with some poetry of his own. As I read through his profile, I could see he had a stocky build, muscular and thick and to my surprise...only 22 years old! Oh my...a young buck.

He wasted no time inviting me to his apartment and I wasted no time accepting. I asked what he liked to drink and I showed up to his place looking as pretty as a doll, with a bottle of good vodka in tow. He greeted me with a tight hug and complimented my dress. He looked even more handsome than his picture and I noticed he had a pretty nice print showing through his basketball shorts. I take a quick glance and contain my focus.

He made us some drinks, turned on his YouTube playlist and played me some of his favorite songs. We chatted, listened to music and discussed our tastes. I was on my 3rd drink and laughing hysterically, when I checked the time and realized I probably should go. We both had work in the morning. I asked to use his restroom before I departed and when I emerged, he was outside the door waiting for me. I was startled a bit, but he had a seductive look in his eyes. He had put on a track to Drake’s Marvin’s Room- “Fear” and he sang along to it: “Don't believe the lies Look me in my eyes Please don't be scared of me Please don't be scared of me I remember you This feeling isn't new So please don't be scared of me Please don't be scared of me Oh oh oh oh oh uh” I covered my mouth and giggled, because he was light skinned and the Drake choice was cute... He whipped his dick to show how excited he was, I starred at it in amazement.

He took my hand from my mouth, pulled it towards him and placed it firmly on his rock hard dick. As I held it, I gasped...it was as thick and wide as a damn coke can my eyes bugged out. He kissed me passionately and his lips were so silky soft. He held my hand to his monster cock as he kissed me, I felt my temperature rise higher and higher and my pussy began to throb. He reached right up my dress to feel my soaking wet panties. He didn’t say another word, he led me back to the couch, sat me down, got down on his knees and pulled them panties clean off! I offered no contest. He lifted my dress to my waist, then pulled me by the thighs to the edge of the couch, while holding my knees as far apart as he could. He gave me slow long licks from the bottom of my pussy all the way to my clit, like I was an ice cream cone. I screamed as if I was dying a slow, long death. Dripping all down his chin like I was melting in the summer sun.

It was so intense, my legs began to shake after a while. He let go of my thighs when he’d had his fill, then he pointed to the floor. “Down!” He commanded. I was so intoxicated with pleasure and vodka I obeyed without question. I got down on my knees on the floor and waited for more instructions. He stood up and unfurled his stiff monster from beneath his basketball shorts. My eyes could hardly believe his girth, I swallowed nervously.

With “fear” in my eyes, I attempted to stuff as much of his extra wide anatomy into my mouth, but it was far too much. It felt like my jaw was going to become unhinged. I always thought I had quite good skill at fellatio, but to my dismay...I’d never attempted to pleasure a man with such size. And he was so young! How could this be? Eventually, he watched me struggle with a slight smirk but eventually he took pity upon me and directed me to take my dress off. In my mind, I thought “oh my gawd..this young boy is going to tear me in half ” but I did as directed and he disrobed quickly as well. “Turn around.” He commanded with such dominance...I got down on all fours and looked back at it as he grasped my hips and sank his enormous ship into my sea. He penetrated me so slowly and gently, that it seemed like we’d be making love as if we were soulmates. I held my breath as I tried to adjust to each massive inch. My juicy pussy stretched over him like a tight glove and I finally let out a loud moan. He went faster.

Liquid started to drip from my pussy down my trembling legs, I kept moaning and taking more and more of that dick until he was all the way in and hitting my shit a porn star. He started digging up in my guts unapologetically, I was sweating out vodka- panting like a dog and my hair was all over my head. This young nigga was beating my shit to smitherenes! It seemed like he was tearing me up forever, when he said, “come here” he pulled out and disappeared to the back of his apartment. I struggled to get up and limped to his bedroom. He laid me in his bed and climbed on top of me, looking me in my eyes like he was in love. He slid back in to me and proceeded to beat me into his mattress. I came over and over, after the 4th or 5th nut- he grabbed me by my chin and whispered “Shhhhhh” ....The neighbors must have complained about him pulverizing women before.

He laid down beside me and beckoned me to come ride his dick after he’d burnt through most of his energy. My poor pussy was sore, swollen and supremely satisfied- yet he hadn’t yet gotten his, so I dug deep and prepared to ride him masterfully so he could cum as soon as possible. I mounted him like my noble steed and whipped that thang on him like he’d never had before...smothering him with my massive breasts- stuffing my nipples into his mouth while I rode his dick up and down and gripped him with all the pussy flex I had left. “You gonna cum for me Daddy?” I whispered to him like a bad girl. “I’m bout to cum!” He replied and then he threw me off his dick like a rag doll! I smiled with such pleasure as he groaned through his nutt and finally his whole body went limp. He reached out and invited me to come lay on his chest. I did, although as soon as I got comfortable...I noticed the sun was rising. He’d fucked me all night??? We had to go to work! I was like yoooo! The sun’s coming up, he looked at me with a shocked look. I scrambled to my feet and fell straight to the floor. He’d rendered me handicapped! He brought me my clothes and we kissed and hugged before I ran to my car and sped away. El Chapo had murdered my pussy in the best way and I was late as fuck to work, but I didn’t regret it one bit.

The End!!


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