Reader Submission - His Fury

May 23, 2018

 He told me "have fun, but don't get home too late since I will be waiting on you, I love when you are all liquored up when we fuck"... I giggled and purred "I won't be"... The club was live and the music just took over me. Me and my girls were turning up in all the right ways.

I get a little wild when the Titos and pineapple invade me. Which then begins to cloud my sense of time. The next thought, and most important thought after drinking...

Next thing I know, I was eating breakfast at iHop and forgot that he was waiting.... My mobile rings and it's him... "where the fuck are you Indy? It's 6am and you ain't home yet, why you fucking with me?"... still drunk I laugh and tell him "relax, I am at the iHop around the corner, I will be home soon and I hang up"... my pancakes were so yummy... A few minutes pass and I hear my friend say "ohhhhh you in trouble" looking at the door... I turn around and there he was headed towards me looking all furious and sexy.

He heads over and drops a simple... "Ladies" he says under his breath and grabs me by my upper arm and says "let's go Indy"...


I take a piece of the pancake and stuff it in my mouth as he helps me up... Giggling at him because he can be so impulsive at times he tells me "keep laughing Indy, but soon you will be begging me to stop, keep fucking with me"... I did, his fury turned me the fuck on... he shoved me inside his truck and then he comes in... he turns on the engine and starts driving home... he takes out his dick and I ask "what the fuck you doing?"... he grabs the back of my neck and pulls me towards his dick "you going to suck this dick and you better make me cum before we get home or your punishment will be more severe"... I resist but he is stronger than my drunk ass so I feel it invade my mouth and then the back of my throat...

My pussy starts to throb immediately because I love the feel of his dick in my mouth... he does not let go of my neck and I struggle a bit... tears run down and I feel my wetness invade my panties... I fight him and now he grabs a bunch of my hair and uses it to bring me up and down on his dick... he lifts me off it and tells me "spit on it" and I do and this time I go swallow it willingly and start sucking it as if my life depended on it...

The head of it deep inside my throat I hold it in place and stick my tongue out to lick his shaft... he groans and I love it... I won't let him cum because I want his wrath, I want it bad, I want to beg for mercy.... so I take my time "oh so you don't give a fuck huh, you nasty little bitch, you want me to punish you and that you will get"... I come off his cock and my spit lingers from his head to my tongue and I slurp it up and say "fuck you" and he says "you asked for it"... 

We reach home, I am on fire and his dick still in my mouth... he pulls me off it and grabs my face and almost to a whisper tells me "you like to piss me off Indy and I swear one of these days you are going to push me to limits that you may not want to visit"... drunk from him and vodka I grin wickedly and I close my eyes picturing when that day comes... I want him in every way possible, and any new places we can go together sexually makes me more eager to test the limits... I mean he makes love to me when I am being a good girl but I like him better in his fury... with it he shows me different ways that he loves me... and I am all for it... at the door he smacks my ass as he stands behind me... he bites my neck and pinches my nipples... as he turns then he bites my earlobes "you are so fucking bad, you drive me to madness... I'm going to fuck you Indy just like you want me to"... I bend over to pull my jeans down to show off my pretty ass.

I moan and put my weight against him and move one of his hand to feel up my pussy... "finger me, see how wet I am"... he does and feels it, the wetness he brings out of me... then he makes me lick it off his fingers and smears the rest on the top of my tits... we are in the house and I walk backwards looking at him get naked... I reach the stairs but he catches me before I run away further... he pushes me down onto the stairs, I feel it, I feel him... he runs his hands down my neck and to the top of my blouse and rips the buttons off... he sees I have no bra on and grunts "you fucking slut, I bet they were hard all night, you know how your nipples are Indy" as my boobs bounce freely he puts one of them into his mouth and flicks it and I tilt my head back...

He knows what the fuck it does to me... he stops and I gasp when he starts to finger me... "fuck" I barely get out because he is holding me in place by my neck... he fingers me relentlessly in a 'come here' upwards motion that touches the spot... I try to say something but I cant, my throat is shut from his grip and my fire... he goes back to my nipples and I fucking feel it, that fucking pressure, that maddening feeling that my thighs start shaking and I manage to say "I am cumin don't stop"... and he does... I am fucking furious it's was going to be so good... I fight him off me and head upstairs and he once again overpowers me and now I am kneeling doggy style on the stairs... "fuck off motherfucker, fuck you" and I scratch his shoulder in trying to escape but before I can do anything else his hand on the back of my neck pins me down... he slaps my ass with his hard dick and then rams it in... "oh my goddddd" I scream, and he starts pounding me and I cry a little from ecstasy and anger at the same time...

He hears my sobs and he fucks me even harder... the noise of my juices as he digs my pussy out makes me frantic to cum... "please let me cum, I want to cum, I beg" I say after what seems like an eternity of his dick rammin into me... "what did you say, I could not fucking hear you, say it louder" I close my eyes as he emphasizes his strokes with each word he says... "please, I want to cum around your dick, please baby let me cum, don't keep stopping, I'm sorry, I am so sorry please let me cum" I cry out in desperate need to cum when he won't let me... he pulls may hair harder and digs his hand into my right hip and this time he ain't stopping, I know it, his strokes are deeper, more frantic... "fuck Indy, you fucking drive me mad"  and I respond with a moan and "fuck me baby. Fuck me, this pussy is all yours and it's going to show you how much it loves your dick"... I look back and he looks at me biting his lip he watches as juices continue to run out of my wet pussy.

I swear that visual sends me over the edge and I explode around him, gush all over him and I arch my back in pleasure... "come and swallow this cum"... I obey him, after all, pleasing him is what I live for... I come closer and say "give it to me" as I open up my mouth... he grabs my hair and bring me to him as he strokes and spills his hot sweet cum on my tongue, mouth and face...

I love it, he smears his cum on my face and says "I love your nasty disobeying ass"... and I swallow the last drop and say "I know you do"..



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