48?... 48!!

February 25, 2018

*This post contains graphic images, and graphic language. NSFW*

For starters this man didn't look a minute over 30. His skin was super tight and smooth, dick stayed saluting me and his energy was one of a fresh 22 year old. He was a smart corporate man, that fucked me like a broke hood nigga, and ladies we know how them bums with nothing to offer be putting it down. Anywho, this man has been mentally stimulating me for a few months now and my desire to fuck him has gradually been growing each day. I met him online and we had only met up once, but felt the chemistry immediately. I don't normally do light brights, I love a dark brown chocolate man and he was hella yella. But his beard, personality, bald head, and dick saved the day and changed my mind about high yellow men.  

We set arrangements to spend a relaxing day at a hotel the weekend after Valentine's Day. With both our busy, overwhelming schedules it was a much needed sexcation, I mean staycation. I have been eagerly awaiting this day since we planned it 2 and half weeks prior.


Fast forward to the "big day". Let me tell you how I prepped for greatness. I had to make sure that sexually everything was wet, fresh, and irresistible. I ate nothing for breakfast, used my anal douche to cleanse out my asshole, using fresh spring water. I took a relaxing shower using my yoni wash and utilizing my handheld shower to really cleanse deep inside my pussy and asshole. I had just got a perfect Brazilian from Dulce Lusso making my lips soft and smooth.The esthetician removed every follicle form my ass crack and pussy. Once out the shower I continued with my normal routine, oiling my vulva down in my yoni oil. I was ready to receive some licking all over this brown body. I know he was longing and hungry to eat, lick, and slurp. Oh and I can't forget, my addicted ass took 2 SheOrgasms pills to make sure she was juicy, wet, and cummin like a mothafucka! 

I make it to the hotel, no check-in is needed since I can use the Digital Key provided to me. I get to the room and immediately pour myself a glass of wine, turned on an Apple Music playlist and relaxed around jammin before his arrival. It's like 1pm, and he supposed to arrive arrive around 3. 3:30 rolls around and my ass falls asleep. I'm knocked out on the couch and I hear a knock on the door around 5:45pm. There he was, a beautiful smile and lovely beard that I could only imagine my juices soaked in it. We immediately embrace for what seemed like 3 whole minutes, he's gliding his hands up and down my back, squeezing me tight. It's making me weak, wet, and aroused. We release and stare into one another's eyes, the contact triggered me to want to hug him again. You could tell this was a past due meeting, we went right back to hugging.

I felt overwhelmingly comfortable around him, being this was our first intimate session together. 

We make our way to couch and engage in some catch-up conversation. Our hands are intertwining, he's softly rubbing on my hands, wrist, and arms. This man has the softest hands I have ever experienced on a man ever before. Hand rubbing, turned in thigh rubbing, which turned into passionate making out. At this point my pussy was overpopulated with liquid. 


We both look at one another, snap out of the gaze and both begin to remove all of our clothing. The covet we had over each other was too strong, I was ready to feel him inside me. We aggressively attack each other on this hotel couch. He rubs his fingers down my cat, and feels that she doesn't need any more stimulating. So he shoves his long, fat dick right inside me. I inhale for air, he took all my breath away with the insertion of his member. 

I automatically begin to gush all over his dick, he pulls out to switch positions from all the mess I'm making on the couch and directs to me to the center console, bends me over, and fucks me from behind. He grips my waist and goes deep. Again, I begin to cum all over the place. This man is STILL going. I almost ready to tap out, My knees are buckling I'm getting weak. The console is a combo of wood and cushion and the wood is jabbing me in the thigh, the combo of this pain and the pain and pleasure from his dick is causing more wetness to build up. He can't stop, he's going, going, and going. My moans are echoing throughout the room. His grunts are turning me on, I know he's loving this wet ass pussy.

We move positions again, I lay on my back and grab my legs all the way back. He admires the view and strokes his dick. Wasting no time, he shoves it back inside me. A few strokes and he pulls out to jack his dick. I refuse to let that nut go to waste. I lick my lips and make my way to his dick with my mouth. I suck the tip of his dick, stroke his balls, and his delicious serum slides down my throat.


His eyes roll behind his head and he blurts out expressions of bliss. I continue to suck until he's completely dry. 


We both lay there like dead fish on dry land gasping for air. Laughing at how fucking good that small session was. We continue to lay on the couch on opposite ends with our legs intertwined. His feet are close to me and I hate feet, but this man had the prettiest feet I have ever seen, it's like he gets pedicures twice a week, but he doesn't. They were so soft, and manicured. I touch them out of curiosity, and continue to rub on them.


There's something on the TV, but honestly I don't believe I was actually watching it. I notice he's playing with his dick again. I then get inspired to play with my pussy. I'm going to town, I'm making myself cum and making more of a mess on the couch.

Here we are, both playing with ourselves in front of each other. I close my eyes, and lean my head back. Next thing I know I feel something rubbing up against my clit, and maneuvering its way up into my pussy. I look down and it's his light skinned, pedicured pretty feet playing with my pussy. He's inserting his toes in and out of vagina. It actually feels so good. I continue to rub my clit while he's in there. 

His toes get super slippery, which entices him to go down on me. He makes his way to the floor, while I spread eagle on the couch. His precision and exactness with unveiling my clit from my hood was beautiful. Once it's revealed he dives in.

Within 4 seconds I had already squirted in his face. He pulls back astonished and confused like 'WTF'. I apologize and beg for him to do it again, I promise him that I wont squirt in his face again. Although I don't believe he was against it, but it was super embarrassing that I came so quick and so easily. He goes back at it, and I don't know but this man is Metro Boomin' on the clit, and I cum AGAIN!. I know at this point he's feeling like the Head Honcho. I beg again for him to give me one more chance to not cum so easily. He approaches the mic.... *Splash* AGAIN!? Yes, I cum again all in his beard. 

He's now hard and erect again. He inserts himself inside me and begins to FUCK me. He's fucking me like I'm leaving him forever and never coming back. He was definitely making a statement. The couch is legit soaked at this point. Not only am I squirting from my urethra opening, I'm releasing massive fluids from my vaginal opening. Shit is getting wet as hell. My thighs are slippery, my lips are glossy, and his body is covered in my juices. 


His amazement at the levels of fluids he's creating is making him fuck me even harder. This man is GOING IN! He scoops my breast in his mouth and sucks as if I'm breast feeding. (A easy way to get my to cum even harder).

He pulls out again and jacks his dick until he cums. My body wants to move to go catch his release in my mouth, but I cannot fucking move. I lay there dead, again. 


He goes to get a towel to cover the dramatic wet spot on the couch so that we can continue to lay there. 


I cannot say this enough, but he had a perfect penis. It was so beautiful. As we lay there on the couch I can't help but play with his dick. Me playing with it causes me to get it erect again. I put it in my mouth and go to TOWN. I go ALL THE WAY IN! I'm deep-throating, sucking the head, licking the balls, and massaging the shaft, I'm spitting on it, using my lips, throat, and tongue. He's enjoying every second of it. I take pride in my head, so I am making love to his dick with my mouth. This man is ready to fuck me AGAIN.


He flips me over and observes the beauty of me bent over and my ass cheeks spread open. I could hear him lick his lips ready to gobble my ass up! Thankfully my ass is prepped for this thanks to the anal douche I used earlier. I was so comfortable with him behind there, I begin to throw my ass back and forth making his tongue go deeper and deeper. In my head I'm envisioning him stroking his dick behind me. It's making me release more juices from my pussy. I begin to play with myself, I'm so wet I have my cum dripping down my wrist, all the way down my forearm. 


"Fuck me again, please" I beg for him to put his dick inside me. I'm in love with his dick, I honestly can't get enough. Without hesitation he aims it inside me, attempting to put it in my ass I scream "IT WON"T FIT!" He laughs because he know damn well his monstrous dick isn't fitting in my tight, petite, semi-virgin asshole. So he slides it inside my pussy and cums again. I didn't think men could keep cumming, getting hard, and fucking continuously like this. He was keeping up with me better than any young nigga ever could.


The multiple orgasms I have had at this point has paralyzed my legs and he feels the slight trembles in my legs and I lay them across him. 


"Damn, you're shaking" As he caresses up and down my leg.

"We are some sexual savages." We both laugh. I can honestly say I haven't cum this many times ever in my life. And the fact that we can keep going and going is making me never wanna leave this hotel.


We lay there for a little longer engaging in some deep, intriguing conversation. Not only can he fuck me great, but he can have conversation I'm actually interested in talking about. It's obviously turning me on, but I keep my mind focused because my pussy actually needs at least an hour of rest. She's throbbing the entire time he's speaking.


After a couple hours of talking, laughter, and just enjoying each others company I get up to go the the bedroom. My eyes were getting heavy, and I wanted to lay closer to his body. I quickly shower because my body is sticky from cumming all over myself. 


We lay in bed, on our phones online shopping just chillin' sharing things with each other and talking. It's like we've been dating for years, it feels so natural.

My pussy is ready for him now. While he continue to shop on his phone I put mine down and begin sucking his dick. It goes from limp to rock hard within seconds. He rubs my pussy while I'm swallowing all of him.


"I can tell you enjoy sucking this dick."

"You fit so perfectly in my mouth. Plus you taste so good."


I'm down at his base sucking and licking his balls at the same time. I remove his dick from my mouth and jack it while I lick and suck his balls.

I bring my tongue to his "gooch" area almost tempted to lick his ass. But I held myself back because I've never done it before so I wanted to wait. Before he cums, he makes me stop so he can fuck me again. We have fucked about 15 times lol and I've cum at least 50! (I'm exaggerating, but I feel like I did cum at least 25 times).


This man is fucking me like he know I like it, chocking me, smacking me, fucking me hard and deep. I'm taking ALL of it, even though my the pain in stomach is overwhelming, the pleasure was just as intense and I didn't want him to stop. I'm actually porno screaming right now, and I think he's enjoying making me scream like a little bitch. The angle he has me in, I had to push him off me and make him switch positions. 

I pull out my anal bender probe thingy from my bag because since I can't take his dick in my ass I can just insert this. I really wanted to be stimulated in both areas. Plus I've had this damn toy for months now and have yet to put it to use.

He watches as I use my pussy sap to lubricate my asshole, so that I can easily insert this into my ass. I plop in the first 3 easily, the next 3 I moan as I try and shove it further inside me. I think I make it to about the 7th or 8th bead and he hops on top of my, pushes my legs all the way back and Superman'd my pussy. With this probe in my ass and his fat dick in my pussy the sensations were immensely powerful.

Within seconds I was spraying all over the place. We were both getting bathed in my juices. He places his hands around my neck and continued to fuck me, I fling the anal probe out of my ass as I feel an intense sensation I've never felt before and I SWEAR I squirted out my ass once that things was finally released from my ass. I can't prove I did, but I felt it. He hops off me and I roll over and fall off the bed to the floor. My body is seizing and I'm holding my pussy as if it's about to run away from me. 

I'm thinking to myself like "DID I JUST SQUIRT OUT MY ASS?"

I could tell he was in the corner admiring the results of his work.

He goes to the bathroom to wash all my juices off of him. I continued to lay on the floor in a daze. Confused as to what my body just experienced, I had an attitude. This almost 50 year old man was NOT supposed to fuck me like this I was suppose to change his life not the other way around. 


"You good?" He kindly ask me as I still am laying on the floor staring at the ceiling after 20 minutes.


"No, no I'm not good." I legit cannot gather myself. I feel like I had experience a triple orgasms and I am in shock. He laughs at my response as if I was joking. 


This was the type of sex that makes bitches crazy. He knew he probably fucked up because I was ready to do anything this man asked for at this point. The way I looked at him he knew I was whipped. 


We fall asleep after about 8 hours of continuous fucking, sucking, and licking.


I hope you don't think the sex stopped there? Of course not, we both wake up and go at it AGAIN. It was just as good as it was before I went to bed. He sucks on my titties as if it was his breakfast milkshake while plowing my pussy as my limp body lay on top of his. 

I have finally found my sexual match!

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