Wetness: Levels to this Sh**

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I am not an expert, I am not diagnosing, and I am not considering myself a credible source about the female anatomy. Anything you read is at your own risk*

So I've been researching vaginal wetness through playing with multiple pussies, reading articles, speaking with gynecologists, and getting feedback from friends. I think a lot of woman and men aren't 100% sure what is going on down there. Including the infamous question "Is squirt pee?. Understanding creamy, silky, wet, and other variations of the juices that flow. Well this blog post is going to shed light on all of it! So listen up!

First thing first, know that there are cervical fluids, arousal fluids and cervical mucus. Lets start with cervical fluid, better known as discharge. It changes based on your vaginal health, pH levels, ovulation stage, birth control, age, diet and any medication you may be on. A woman's discharge will change in consistency depending on where she is in her cycle (ovulating, right before period, during period, while pregnant, etc.) When you are ovulating the body produces this silky egg white like fluid to help sperm move past the cervix to get to the eggs known as cervical mucus.

When you are on birth control, that normally drys up your cervical mucus, preventing pregnancy. So when you are not on birth control and/or any other medication that might dry up your cervical mucus your vaginal fluid will be more clear, slippery, and sometimes silky.

What is discharge? It's a combination of cells from the vagina and cervix consisting of water, bacteria and mucus.

You can have 3 types of normal white cervical discharge.

1. That beautiful creamy, white odorless discharge. You might come across this one often.

It's like milk, and should be slurped up! This can also be a little more clear and not so whole milk milky, can look like skim or breast milk a light white.

2. Thick and cloudy white odorless discharge. This is absolutely normal, if you have no odor, it's not yellow or pigmented, and you have no discomfort. It'll get this way only during a certain stage throughout your menstrual cycle or at the beginning of being pregnant. also mixing with arousal fluid can change the consistency.

It's just your vagina secreting the old cells and bacteria, doing it's natural cleansing process. But it must have a lot more to cleanse and shed.

3. Excessive discharge is another very normal type. Some women have to wear panty liners because the discharge is so much. It can be a combination of the above creamy, or milky discharge, and a mix with the cervical mucus.

Silky, creamy, dripping wet. This is definitely mixed with arousal fluid as well. Which brings us into our next segment!

Arousal Fluid!

Has this ever happened to you... You're hanging out with a person that you are very much attracted to, and mentally you have fucked them in ways your body is already feeling. You are mentally, physically stimulated and you know you're turned on. You're getting caressed and touched in non-sexual ways, and you're touching on them and everything is going great. You touch down there and you're like..

Oouuwweeee!! That shit so fucking WET! It's like you already came, four times. Slippery, silky, warm, juicy fluids just appeared in my pussy... That my friend is arousal fluid. Blood flow has made its way to the vagina and this is what happens. Well it's more to it...

There is a gland called Bartholin's that produces these fluids once triggered by the blood flow. The Bartholin's gland is located between the vulva and vagina and seeps through the walls. Often times, I'll rub my vulva and it won't be wet, as soon as I get closer to my vaginal canal into my vaginal opening it's soooooo wet.

I could literally insert two fingers and cause a splash war. I'm splashing the vaginal wetness, not squirting (at this point). Simply from my arousal fluid. Some women have a very wet water-like fluid and some when mixed with cervical discharge can be more sticky, mucous-y, thick, clear and slimy. All normal variations.

When fucking me, it's like all of my body water mass is falling out of my pussy. It's so wet, it worries me lol. (Special thanks to SheOrgmasms) Feedback from my dips is normally like, "Should I bring my rain boots?","Damn, my socks are wet.", "What the fuck do you have in there?" things of that nature, pure shock as to why my pussy be so wet. (not bragging), it's actually rather annoying sometimes. lol

So again arousal fluid and cervical fluid are playing a part in your 'pussy juices', when you are "wet".

When it's white creamy "wetness" most of that is discharge. Because arousal fluid is not thick, white and creamy.

Although normal, it's not her getting "wet'. Discharge comes down easier when arousal fluid is present. But know that your discharge doesn't always have to be that way, you can take the time to learn your body and see why you're producing so much of it, and make the appropriate changes. Some women and men likes to see it like this, and to each it's own. I like my female ejaculation, clear, silky, wet fluids.

Female Ejaculation

So many questions... I used to be hella confused as to how people would say "squirt is a bitch just peeing on you", when after I've exhausted 36 fluid ounces of ejaculation from sex, I still have to go pee right after, and not just a little drizzle but a whole full force pee. So if I just emptied my bladder on this nigga, and then just emptied my bladder in the toilet, I must have 2 bladders! lol

No but seriously, it didn't make sense to me. So I dug deeper into research.

It is proven that arousal fluid comes from Bartholin's glands but it also comes for a place called the Skene's glands also known as the homologous female prostate. The Skene is located on the anterior wall of the vagina super close to the end of the urethra. So when you squirt the body is secreting arousal fluid from both glands and it passes through the urethra and even the vaginal opening. So some urine may be present when the watery substance passes through, it's a small amount, but it's present. It feels so good! I know y'all have felt how good it feels when you've held your pee for a long ass time, and then you finally prop down to let it out.... Yaaassss!! The sensation is amazing, now times that by maybe 5 and then that's how it feels when I squirt. So to me, it just cannot simply be me peeing.

In 1904, psychologist Havelock Ellis proposed that female ejaculation was comparable to semen and originated from the Bartholin glands. So many studies have taken place and so many people have done the research and it will all boils down to how comfortable you feel with the idea of squirting or having squirt splashed on you. But you should be able to tell when a bitch is peeing on you by the smell and color. Pee smells like pee, pee is yellow, and even when it is clear pee, it smells like pee and it's warm as hell lol.



Being able to squirt you must encounter a combination of a few things, including relaxation, proper blood flow, comfortable emotional mental, sexual desire and excitement, and stimulation to the G or P spot.

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Happy Cumming!

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