Daddy's Babygirl

I don’t know what it is with me and social networks, but they always get me in trouble. This time, in particular, all started with an IG comment.

One day I posted a photo on IG wearing an ATLANTA fitted cap. Like after Like started to pour in, but so did comments. Atlanta bae, happened to be one of them, “Damn you came to my city and ain’t even come speak” my response “I’d never do that babe” Twenty minutes later my phone rang and Zaddy bae voice came booming thru the receiver, “What the fuck you doing answering niggas comments on IG,” I nervously replied, “It wasn’t even like that, I haven’t even seen him in years.” He angrily replied, “Bring your ass over here, and bring me some Tylenol, you’ve really pissed me off this time.” I hopped in the shower threw on some sweats and made my way over to his house. I had no idea what he had in store for me, but I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I pulled into his driveway, shut off my engine and gave myself a pep talk “He ain’t gone do nothing and he’s looking for a fight, he got the right one.” I slid my key into the door of his townhome and walk up the steps and there he is sitting there at the top of the steps looking down at me. “Hey baby, I’ve missed you” he says in the sweetest calmest voice as he pulls me in to kiss me. Now I know I had a confused look on my face, but he playfully takes me by the hand and walks me toward his bedroom. His place was very industrial looking, so the the ceiling had exposed wood and pipes. He stopped short of his bedroom pushed me in the corner and tongued me down, pulling my shirt above my head and locking his hands into mine. My hair fell over my breasts, but my arms never came down. In the midst of kissing, I hadn’t realized that he had cuffed my hands to one of the exposed pipes. He slowly removed his lips from mine, and slowly kissed down my neck, to my chest, cupped one breast and kissed and sucked the other. Never breaking eye contact with me, he pulled out a blindfold and covered my eyes, “You don’t need to see what’s going to happen next” he said. He then pulled down my pants tossed them to the side and walked away. So here I am standing ass naked, hanging from a pipe and all i can hear is him at the freezer collecting ice.

A few moments later, I heard him set a bowl down, he kissed my lips and he said, “I hope I didn’t have you waiting to long, I want you to relax.” He took a few steps back and WHAM! across my ass, I felt the first swing of his paddle, I let out a whimper and he said, “You brought this on yourself.”

After being slapped twice more across the bum, I heard him dig into the bowl of ice and then felt the ice melt on my stinging ass cheeks. He then followed with kisses and said, “I love you, but sometimes you make me so angry.” He rose up again and 5 more slaps across the ass followed, then the ice down.

“I had to teach you a lesson. I’m the only man you get to call babe” slaps me again, “You hear me!” I let out a yelp “Yes babe! I hear you!” He put the ice into his mouth, knelt down, and pushed the ice cube into my pussy with his tongue. In and out until it melted. He wrapped his warm wet mouth around my clit, slid two fingers into my pussy and ate me out until my legs gave out. He finally uncuffed me, picked me up, and carried me to the sex swing he had set up in his second bedroom. He strapped me in, lifted me to him and slowly stroked until i came. The more I came, the more he picked up speed.

I came 4 times, and on my last nut he exploded in me at the exact same time. I lied in the swing limp with nothing else left in me. He picked me up, carried me to his bed, tucked me in, and whispered “You’re mine, and don’t you ever forget it.” And I drifted off to sleep.

I haven’t replied to a comment in years, but that was definitely a night to remember.


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