Big D*** Tyrone

"Get in stupid!" I belt from across the street in my car.

"Hey sexy! My bad I didn't notice you with this new car."

"It's a rental." I annoyingly respond.

Picking Tyrone up from north Minneapolis was always a fucking headache. He knows everybody, so he takes his precious time because he knows I'll wait for that dick. It's always the hood skinny niggas with spell casting dick. 

"So, where are we going? Because we're not going back to my apartment, I'm not staying out all night, and I'm not going to your cousin's uncle's baby momma house either."

"Hahaha, damn chill out. Why you trippin? You haven't seen me in over a year,  be happy to see a nigga."

"I am happy,  but you know the shenanigans you always put me through.  I don't have the patience for it today."

"Alright, boom. We gonna go chill at my homie Screw house; have a few drinks then we'll figure out the rest of the night from there."

"Ok,  that works."

Tyrone and I have such a weird relationship. We can go years without talking but when we do, it's like we never stopped. He still irritates me, but he still has bomb dick that I fiend for. He moved out of Minnesota before me to Texas, and I moved to North Carolina shortly after. God knew I needed his dick and magically had us back visiting MN at the same time. He noticed I was in town from Facebook and DM'd me wanting to link up, and of course I made it happen.

As he's directing me to Screw's house, he begins to rub on my thigh, trying to make his way up my dress. He knows what that does to me.  I move his hand because I don't have panties on, and I know where this will lead. Instead, I reach my hand over to his lap and caress his dick that I missed so deeply; and I mean that very literal. I made him grow instantly with my soft caress.

"Girl you better stop before I tear that ass up right here, right now."

"I want it so bad though." I whimper in my shy innocent voice.

"It's too bright out for all I wanna do, let's chill for a bit then I'll blow ya brains out." He laughs as if he’s joking, but every bit of me knows he’s dead ass serious. Him and I have a track record of car sex, because we never used to have a convenient place to fuck. Plus, for some reason it tends to feel a lot better.

We pull up to a high rise apartment complex that I'm automatically sketchy about. He leads me up to the 17th floor; where the hallways reeked of burnt carpet, and old chicken grease. Surprisingly, we get to Sketch's apartment and it's a clean, comfortable setting. Tyrone casually had a key so we walk in and he's smoking weed with his girl banging YouTube VEVO music videos on his TV. They are in the middle of a straight turn up. I felt as though we were interrupting something great.

"Oh"I awkwardly blurt out.

"Oh waddup G!" Sketch gets up and greets Tyrone.

I head over to the couch to introduce myself to his girl, since we'll be hanging out here for a little bit.

"Yea, wassup.  I'm Quetta, but everyone call me Jaz."

"Nice to meet you hun, I’m Kay?

"Wassup girl. Sit down, make yourself comfortable!"

The force in her directive, scurried me to sit. She grabs the bottle of Hennessy and pours me a shot.

"Oh, no thank you. I don't drink dark liquor, it gets me drunk quick, and sick the next morning."

"Stop it girl." She continues to pour me some anyway. Since I'm not one to be rude or waste liquor or food, I throw back the shot; quick and surprisingly easy.

"I guess that wasn't so bad." I scoot the glass closer to her bottle so she can pour me another. Meanwhile Tyrone is chopping it up with Screw in the dining room. Looks to be a semi-serious conversation, they too are throwing back shots like it's water. Jaz and I are just having a little blast; talking about men, sex, work, and her bad ass kids.

“So how you know Tyrone black ass?” She now begins to dig her nose into my business. All I could really think of was his dick.

“We just been friends on and off for the last few years, nothing serious at all.” I emphasize on the nothing serious part. Tyrone genuinely gets on my nerves lol. But his dick soft is about 7 inches.

Just to give you better feel for Tyrone. I found him sexy because of his thuggish, gangsta, bad ass swag. He sold drugs, smoked weed, listen to hood ass trap music; so he really thought he was tough. He stood at 6'4" and was all bones, no meat to offer but his fat, juicy dick. I usually try and avoid skinny guys because they make me feel morbidly obese, but there were things I found intriguing about him. Tyrone took really good care of his nails, he had soft sensual hands. His dark brown skin, matched with his dark brown eyes which is an automatic turn on. But what's most importantly, is that he had the fattest, longest dick I've ever experienced. When I say fattest and longest, that is no exaggeration. He stuffs his dick inside me like it's a punishment. Although it's so painful, it's magically pleasing..

Tyrone , and Screw makes there way back to Jaz and I to join our intense conversation on men.

"The point I'm trying to make is that men are more disrespectful these days. Point, blank period." These shots of Hennessy got me in my 8th grade debate team demeanor.

"Man, you sound dumb. You expect a nigga to respect bitches that be fucking on the first night, smashing the homies, and burnin' niggas!? Niggas don't turn down no pussy. These hoes be out here loving the disrespect. Once we do try to be respectful, we some soft, thirsty, lames."

My eyes shoot across at him, and I held my stare for a good 30 seconds confused.

"No! Wait, wait, wait!" Jaz chimes in. "It's not that girls like to be disrespected, it's just we hate a soft ass boy who is always nice, we like to see emotion. Be unpredictable.  That doesn't mean be disrespectful."

"And rewind Tyrone, what the fuck are you sayin'? Because yea when we first met we fucked on the first night, not to mention the fact that you are currently still obsessed. But what's this shit you talking about with smashing the homies and burning motherfuckers?"

"Don't take shit personal if it don't apply to you." My sensitive side surfaced, and everything Tyrone was saying was sounding quite personal, and I wasn’t having it. 

"What's your problem? Through this conversation are you realizing you ain't shit?" I purposely say to push his buttons

"Fuck you, I bet I'll be shit when I stuff this dick down yo throat." He does some chuckle to subside how mad he was actually getting. He throws Screw a high five like he just did some shit. He can see in my eyes that I wanna punch him for being so disrespectful. "Don't act like you don't be chokin' on this dick."

"Seriously, in about 2 seconds you ain't gone have a dick to choke on."

I get up, grab my things and head to the door, I'm over this. Tyrone come rushing behind me because he knows he doesn't have a ride. But fuck him right now. Trying to embarrass me in front of his hood rat friends.

"Wait up Kay!" He laughs as if I’m joking.

"Leave me alone, I'm too tired to deal with this today,  I'm ready to go home."

Tyrone grabs my arm and dramatically pulled me around to collide with his large structure.

“Let’s fucking go, since you wanna act like a spoiled brat I’ll treat yo ass like one.” As irritated as I was, this aggressiveness was turning me on. He was right, I like to be disrespected a little bit. His secure grasp on my arm was bringing amusement to my panties. I began to jiggle around in my bag for my keys with the arm he hasn’t taken hostage of.

Next thing I knew Tyrone pulls out my keys and unlocks the back door.

“Get the fuck back here!” he dictates, as he forces me in the back seat and slams the door.

He opens the front door, starts the car and rolls down the back window where I'm sitting. 

"Come here!" He reaches his hand through the window, grabs my neck, pulls is dick out and shoves it in my mouth.

He knew I wanted to, and was so hungry for him. The shots and arguments had me super horny. Once I got him fully hard he walks around to the other side and gets in. Immediately grabs me by the neck and stuffs his tongue in my mouth. I push back to show that I’m mad and I didn't want to kiss him; knowing damn well I want every second of this.

He separates my thighs and shoves his long neatly manicured index and middle finger in my pussy without warning. I gasp for air, sneaking away from his aggressive kisses. My juices are gushing out of me, running down onto the leather seats. I can’t keep up this act of me not wanting him, because the way I’m moaning is letting him know otherwise. I help him adjust my body to lay my back completely on the back seat. I lift my right leg behind the backseat headrest, so he can easily maneuver between them. He stuffs my left leg between the armrest of the front seat. Before I knew it, his basketball shorts were off and his muscle shirt was lifted, tucked behind his neck. He licks his fingers and rubs them on my pussy.

"Damn, you always ready for this dick" He reminisces.

"Be gentle." I plead. It's been a while since I've had his big fat horse dick inside me. I'm nervous, yet extremely anxious for the pounding. He somehow manages to comfortably place his right knee on the car mat, and his other knee laid slightly flat on the seat. He pulls me closer and grabs the tip of his dick and rubs it on my clit until he can feel more secretion flowing.

"Ahhhhh, fuck Tyrone! Stop! Please stop! It's too deep! Ahhhhh!" I scream and plead as he quickly puts it in, wanting him to stop but, not really. He's fucking me like he was fresh out of jail and this is the first tight, wet, pussy he's been in after 20 years.

"Yea, what's all that shit you was talking earlier. You ain't talking it now!" He begins to fuck me even harder. After a good 2 minutes of rough porno sex, the dramatic belts from my mouth, were covered by his hands.  I can feel my cervix pushing up towards my belly. The pain is greatly awful. My screams are escaping between his fingers. With his other hand he presses up against my throat and begins to shake. He shoots all his cum inside me and then collapses on top of me. For a second I was glad it was over, but then I was still wanting more. So I lick the cum off his dick, and like magic it rose to a medium level hard. Good enough for me! I hop on top and begin to ride his dick.

The car in bouncing, i'm moaning loud, he's grunting vigorously, felt like I was on an amusement park ride. He stops me and lifts me from on top of him. We struggle to change positions as he now wants it from the back. We finally figure it out, and he slides it back in. This position had me releasing cum all over the backseat. I'm having multiple orgasms. My screams are thunderous. I begin to pat him on the thigh begging him to stop. I knew he wasn't gonna cum again and he'd be able to fuck me for hours, and I wasn't having it.  

We lay there uncomfortably as we catch our breaths and regroup. Our drying sweat created glue, making it even more hard to separate our bodies.

"Damn, don't wait this long again to give me this pussy. This shit so wet, and good."

"Get off me, my stomach hurts." He reaches around to open the car door, slides out and quickly pulls his pants up. I grab some clean Chipotle napkins to wipe myself then I head around to the front seat.

"I'm taking you home now. I need some fucking Advil." I'm slightly annoyed at how much pain I'm in.

"Aight, coo.  I'm straight now.  Shit, take me anywhere." He says with a chuckle.

“Yea, I bet you are straight.”

“What’s the attitude for now man!”

“Nothin, just forget about it.” Not much longer after I turn the corner after pulling off, I hear sirens.

"What the fuck are we being pulled over for?" I hear worry in Tyrone's voice as I pull over to the side of the road.

"I don't know, but all my shit is legit so we'll be good."

Two officers approach both sides of the car. At that time I see 3 additional cop cars arrive to the scene.

"Hi officer, is there a problem?" I try to be as polite as possible. To my right I hear them immediately directing Tyrone out of the vehicle. I speak downward, trying not to let the Hennesy flow to his nose.

"Ma'am,  we received a call matching the description of this vehicle."

"What exactly is the issue?"  I'm trying to see what's going on with Tyrone.

"Is this man your boyfriend or you in any danger? We received three calls of screaming coming from this vehicle over off Fremont Ave, possible rape happening. We just want to make sure you're safe, and he didn't force himself upon you?"

"Oh heavens no, we weren't even having sex officer. I just left from picking him up from his cousin's house"

"Ma'am if you feel unsafe talking to us we can grab a female officer to assist."

"No, honestly I'm completely fine. I was just picking him up from his cousin's house; he needed a ride." I'm nervous as shit right now. My mouth is drying up. I hope I don't go to jail for indecent exposure! I knew I was loud, but not THAT loud.

"Do you mind grabbing your license and registration." I hand over my paperwork, and he walks back to his car. I'm peeping through my rear view mirror to see what's going on with Tyrone; he's nowhere in sight. I stick my hand out the window to flag over an officer. I'm freaking out,  I hope I didn't get him in trouble from my loud mouth. The same cop returns with my papers.

"Sir, what's going on with Tyrone?"

"Unfortunately, he has a warrant out for his arrest, so we will be taking him in tonight. We're sorry to have disturbed you miss. Have a safe rest of your night."

"Um, ok.  Thank you officer."

I drive off cautiously without looking back. I’m sure he will be fine.


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