Men Tell All - Part 2

Ready for more? A few new guys and some the same as Part 1. I will post them below again, so that you can better follow along.

Man # 1:

  • Age: 42

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Body Type: Average

  • Zodiac: Aries

  • Birth Place: Statesville, NC

Man # 2:

  • Age: 30

  • Height: 5'8"

  • Body Type: Slim

  • Zodiac: Capricorn

  • Birth Place: Richmond, VA

Man # 3:

  • Age: 22

  • Height: 5'11"

  • Body Type: Average/Fit

  • Zodiac: Libra

  • Birth Place: Charlotte, NC

Man # 4:

  • Age: 37

  • Height: 6'2"

  • Body Type: Built/Few Extra Pounds

  • Zodiac: Pisces

  • Birth Place: Houston, TX

Man # 5:

  • Age: 28

  • Height: 5'7"

  • Body Type: Athletic

  • Zodiac: Sagittarius

  • Birth Place: Milwaukee, WI


"What does the perfect vagina look like, in your eyes?"

Man # 1: Big clit, small lips. Shaved with a trail. No forest down there. I can't do oral if it's all hairy and not shaved.

Man # 2: Don't know, don't care. As long as it's tight, and not manufactured. No big ding dong looking clits either. Shaved or not shaved is cool. I'm going in either way.

Man # 3: Fat p***y, shaved, or trimmed with that triangle hair line is sexy. Medium, or small clit.

Man # 4: I don't really have a preference. I guess, as long as it's not a huge bush down there.

Man # 5: I want a small, tight, wet p***y. A little bit of hair is fine, but nothing dramatic.

Keep your garden maintained ladies. Trim her, wax her, design her, whatever. A real man isn't going to care about what it looks like if he's your man, and he actually fucks with you. If it feels good, taste good, and smells good then the structure of the p***y shouldn't matter. #AllPussiesMatter

"Do you like a crazy chick?"

Man # 1: Every woman got a little crazy in her. I can't handle a crazy bitch though, I ain't got time for it.

Man # 2:That shows passion. I love a passionate bitch. It lets me know I'm doing something right.

Man # 3: Crazy women got the best pussy. *laughs* But fa real, I like a crazy chick.

Man # 4: You can't be crazy off jump, but over time after I've been feeling you, and we been rocking hard, and then your crazy starts to pop up. I find that sexy as hell, that's when I know you mine.

Man # 5: I like my women simple, crazy hoes is too much work.

It's hard to not get in that crazy state over a man you feeling super hard. I feel like it's passion too. Express your self, don't hold anything back! If he can't handle you in every emotion he's not worth it. Nobody should want a simple woman. (Sorry man #5).

"Do you prefer a real booty over a manufactured one?"

Man # 1: Ass is ass, and I love some ass.

Man # 2: I'm not sure I've fucked with a bitch with a fake ass, I don't think I would care though.

Man # 3: I love me a fat ass, watching it jiggle, smacking it, squeezing it. Mmm.

Man # 4: I prefer a real booty, but I won't turn down a manufactured one.

Man # 5: More ass the better. Fake or not, I'm loving it.

I hope men still got love for titties, because not all women can afford or even desire to get a fake booty just to please these men who love big asses. I can however throw these D cup titties in your face lol. Women are always downing other women who got surgery and I think that's pathetic. As we can see here, niggas don't care! So get you one or tone up the one you got.

"Which turns you on more? Choking a woman, smacking her ass, or pulling her hair."

Man # 1: Definitely smackin' that ass from the back.

Man # 2: Grabbing it, smacking it, squeezing it. The ass.

Man # 3: Smacking ass turns me on. But if choking will turn her on I'll do it.

Man # 4: That's a tough one, I'll have to say smacking ass.

Man # 5: Pulling hair, I love a bitch with natural long hair.

I'm hoping these men will just choke or pull some hair if it turns on their partner. Because I looooove being choked, and although it may not turn you on, it will add excitement to the session and in turn will excite you. I'm sure you men still get a kick out of choking and hair pulling. Ladies, 2018 start smacking their ass!

"You still got love for the Breastsss? If so, what's your boob preference?"

Man # 1: Hell yea I still love breast! Big ones and medium ones. I need something to squeeze and cup.

Man # 2: I love everything about a woman's body. Period.

Man # 3: Always got love for the titties. I like gum drop nipples.

Man # 4: No preference really.

Man # 5: Titties is titties. I'll take em all!

I'm glad men still love boobies, because my ass size is normal black girl size. Not an Instagram, Dr. Miami, badaboom booty. So embrace your breast girls! ( I mean that literally and figuratively)

"Would you participate in double penetration to a woman during sex?"

Man # 1: Nah, I think imma have to pass on that one.

Man # 2: I would with one of my homeboys, but our dicks can't touch lol. No skin to skin with that nigga.

Man # 3: I'd probably try it once.

Man # 4: Same hole hell no, him in the ass me in the pussy, maybe.

Man # 5: That shit gay, hell naw!

Presented the opportunity I'm sure a nigga will join the party. There is nothing gay about participating in double penetration. The shit sound fun as hell to me! Now I just gotta find 2 niggas to participate.

"Do you have sex with BBWs? "

Man # 1: Haven't in a while, but I have.

Man # 2: Not a fat sloppy bitch. But if she thick and its portioned right, I'll hit it.

Man # 3: That's not what I'm into personally.

Man # 4: Hell Yea!

Man # 5: How big? (He never actually answered the question)

I still think men are closet fucking BBWs like it's something they should hiding. Big girls are beautiful. I'm a big girl, and skinny niggas love me. So I know the little guys are out here BBW smashing!

If you wanna know more questions submit them to me for part 3 with new men! I love hearing what niggas have to say 😂😂

Until next time!


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