There Are Black Women Who...

Listen up.. I am tired of the bashing of black women, the generalizations we are placed in, on top of the amount of shit we already have to put up with. Do not assume ANYTHING about us as a race and/or gender. So to help you realize we are not all 'black woman' stereotypes, continue reading.

Although there is nothing wrong with those stereotypes that are placed on us, just don't assume we are all that way. This list is to show you that there are black women who can be all of the above, or none of the above. BUT WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.

There are black women who...

1. Are Very Open Minded In The Bedroom

Please know that there are black women out here kinky as fuck! And are open to doing more in the bedroom than the basics. Just remember closed mouths don't get fed, so if you don't tell her what you want.. HOW THE FUCK IS SHE TO KNOW?

There are woman who want you to fuck their face, give them cum showers, have threesomes, use toys in the bedroom,and engage in any fetish you may have.

2. Can Be GREAT Submissive

And not just a sub that wants the pain, chains, restraints, and whips. But a sub who takes orders, follows direction, and listens to her king/daddy. We are capable to being submissive and also dominant but it feels good when I can be pleasured by my dominant man and know I am safe and he will make sure I have an orgasm, multiple orgasms. I want to choked, smacked, whipped, fucked with the leashed being pulled restricting air flow, tied up, bitten, spanked, squeezed, and face pinned down so I can't move.

3. Don't Feel Any Type of Way When Black Men Date White Women

As much as some white people get on my damn nerves, and I love black love. It's none of my damn business why that black man fell in love with that white woman. I wish everyone love, and happiness rather you find it outside of your race or within. I am not against interracial dating, but I'm definitely not for it. I'm in the middle where I just don't give a fuck. That black man ain't thinking about me, so I most certainly ain't werrrd about him. lol *werrrd = worried*

4. Are Not Angry

Just because I wanna rest my face in an expressionless state does not make me angry or mad. Just because I am willing to call you out on your shit does not make me angry. Just because I am passionate about certain things does not make me angry.

Don't get me wrong there are some angry people in this world, but the ones I can name are not black women.

5. Makes Decisions Based Off Facts and Not Emotion

I can't speak on this because I know I'm emotional as fuck, and that is how I make most of my decisions lol. But I am SURE there are boss as bitches out here making legitimate factual decisions. Thinking with their brain, and not their heart or pussy.

6. Know Their Father

We all know the woman who admits to their daddy issues, or ones we know for sure have them. Rather it's because of her trust issues, hoe tendencies, commitment issues, or fear of being left alone, so she appears super clingy. Most if not all can stem from not having a father in her life. NOT all black women have this problem. They have great thriving relationships with their fathers and have healthy relationships with men they choose to date.

7. Genuinely Wants To See Other Black Women Succeed

We often hear people say women are so negative towards each other, or have alternative motives when befriending someone. Although that may be true in some situations I genuinely feel there are women out here truly rooting for one another's greatness. At least I know there are about 15 woman I am supporting and rooting for, and can't wait to see them thrive.

8. Are Great Friends To Other Women

Everyone has their own definition of friendship. Whatever that may be make sure you are being the type of friend you would want someone to be for you. I know I have my friend's back, I am there when they need to talk, cry, or laugh. I don't judge them, I share my opinion I let them know the truth. I call them out on things they aren't seeing clearly, I support their hoe phase, and their relationship phase. We can chill at home, go out to eat, drink, listen to music, Instagram stalk, whatever. I am there. There are women out there like that. Figure out the kind of friend you are.

9. Are Not Lonely and Miserable

People just think since a woman is single she is lonely and miserable. I for one know for a FACT that isn't true. I am thoroughly enjoying this single life and very happy and satisfied.

10. Don't Have A Bad Attitude

"I don't have a bad attitude" Now I have seen some bitches with a bad attitude, and it is not cute. No one wants to be around someone like that. So meditate, listen to music, smoke, go to the beach, something. But you definitely need to change it. Just remember not all black woman have a bad attitude. But you can definitely work yourself into getting cussed out. :-)

11. Don't Wanna Trap A Nigga By Having His Baby

Me and home girls don't roll like this at all. I will use condoms and be on 3 birth controls if need be lol. I genuinely just don't think kids are my thing. So men need to stop thinking we are going to steal their cum and inject it in our pussy, or lie about being on birth control. Only crazy bitches do that shit.

12. Hate Moscato and Other Sweet Wines

This is a small pet peeve of mine. Men will assume I drink Moscato. So as a kind gesture they'll bring over a bottle of wine, and it's some sweet ass wine. THERE ARE WOMEN WHO ARE TRUE WINE DRINKERS. I love a red blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir; things of that nature, lots of tannins, and body.

13. Not Pugnacious

Yes we can be quick to pop off or start an argument but again, not all women(black) are like that!

14. Are Not Gold Diggers or Label Whores

Although women might like nice things, and adore gifts and special treatment, we are not all out here basing all of our dating decisions off whether he has money or not. So if you a broke bum, don't be discouraged lol.

15. Are Loyal As Fuck

This trend of #blacklove has swept over the internet and it is beautiful. When a woman loves, she loves hard. So maybe men need to start putting in more work for a woman to want to be loyal. You can't expect a woman to be loyal if you aren't going out your way to make her feel love, appreciated, beautiful, or special.


Leave your comments below and let me know what else I missed!


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