R. Kelly And The Men Like Him

July 30, 2017

Please come along while I vent a little. I wasn't going to indulge in the shenanigans of R.Kelly; but I am FED all the way UP! We continue to protect and love men who prey on innocent, naive, gullible children. Men who CLEARLY have been labeled as unsafe, dangerous, or sick in the mind; somehow is still being protected by fans, friends, and family and I`m trying to figure out when we`re going to be done. Besides the fact that it feels like no one is in line to protect us black women, WE unfortunately have to protect ourselves from men like Robert, from hatred, from envy, from rapist, from anyone or anything else trying to steal our shine.  

For a man to take advantage of a young naive, gullible child is fucking sick. I sat and listened to Age Ain`t Nothin` But A Number disregarding the fact that a 24/25 year old man wrote that for the 15 year old girl he was having relations with.

I can relate with Aaliyah as it not being her fault for falling for what I'm sure was a very charming man, and talented at that. As a teenager we don't really understand the legalities, right and wrongs, the repercussions, or the absurdness of the situation. But that grown ass man does. When I was 14/15 I was talking to older men. I was thick, tall, and "mature" for my age. Along with some embedded daddy issues lol. So I understand slightly why I have this deep attraction, want and desire for older men. I want to feel loved, and protected by them, because I missed out on that growing up. They mentally stimulated me, and made me feel beautiful, and appreciated.



R. Kelly is the uncle (or older man) that would come around and your mom made you go cover up because she saw the looks he would give you. His perverted ass was probably getting a hard on by the presence of little mosquito bite titties sitting in some Cinderella pajamas. I`m 7! No man should be so unsafe around a 7 year old that she needs to go `cover up`. Maybe this man just should not be coming over. 

He's that same man that says shit like...

"Mmm girl, I can't wait til you turn 18."

(as if you're going to be my first option when that day comes)


"12? I thought you were at least 18."


"You got a body of a grown woman miss thang." (said while basically raping you with his eyes)


"Ooo wee look at them thick bowlegs you got."


"Mmmm mmm mmm, if you weren't so young, I'd... never mind"


Or the same man that make inappropriate jokes, comments on your body, offers to take you home every time he sees you walking, gives you money just because you're cute, tells you to come inside for some candy. 

Don't even let me get on the fact that this man has been calling himself the pied piper of R&B. After researching who the Pied Piper was, he was nothing but a man seeking revenge on a town by seducing, and luring children with his music and colorful clothing. These children were never found. So what does Kells mean exactly  calling himself the pied piper? 

This man is the same man who openly sang his struggles with dealing with underage girls. "My mind is telling me no, but my BODYY, my BODY is telling me YEESSSS!" He knows what he wants is wrong, but he can't help the way his dick feels when he sees a pretty young girl slow winding to his pervy music. 


Let me play devils advocate for a paragraph or so.

Robert was damaged as a little boy, he had to have grown up with some trauma, what he does now is an illness he can't help. He tries to fight it, but his desires are too strong to control. In his autobiography he admitted to being sexually abused by a woman while growing up, and this woman was 10 years older than him. I'm sure this left a mark. So I can't be 100% upset at R Kelly for being sick, but I definitely won't be supporting him or any of his music. He won't be able to heal if he continues to be in the same sick environment people are letting him keep! His peers probably hide things for him, probably scouts young girls for him, creates a location for them to reside in. He needs to go to therapy, deep therapy, not just one therapist, but a team, working around the clock! A bunch of therapist needs to just volunteer their time to help the cause.

A famous, well known celebrity can be accused, arrested, even convicted of crimes, and their fans will simply brush it under the rug. When a girl sued R.Kelly back in '97 for having sexual relations with her when she was 15 we all forgot ALL about it. Because 12 Play was too much of a banger to get upset with R.Kelly about those "accusations." People placed the blame on that innocent girl, saying she's money hungry, she lying, blah, blah, blah. Why couldn't we support this black girl in her allegations? Instead of calling blasphemy. And of course Robert Kelly wasn't charged. 


I said all of that to say this. Robert Kelly is sick, he needs help. There are so many men exactly like him, that we (women) encounter on a daily basis. They old ass confidently approach us, because they know we aren't protected, and they can get away with it. It saddens me that there are girls in today's day and age going through what I went through when I was 14/15. It simply just takes someone speaking up and not being afraid of what people would think. If you are violated, taken advantage of, or lured into something that wasn't what you expected, speak up, tell someone you trust. It's now time to give up on R. Kelly, the white people can have him. He has disappointed us time after time, but erased our disappointments with his music. Don't be bamboozled by the Pied Piper.

Stay Woke lol



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