The Worst Sex Ever

The absolute worst type of sex sessions to have.

1. Pity Sex

There are a few types of pity sex that I just have to stop having.

-Something awful or sad happens in his life, and I feel bad for him because he's really in a bad place. I don't want to continue to rain on his parade so when he tries to smash, I grant him access to my pussy because I feel bad for him.

-He's such a good friend, so nice, and funny, and great to hang with. But he's just not my type and I don't plan on ever fucking him. But then, as soon as we are in a situation where sex is about to happen, and he makes his move; I struggle turning it down because he's sooo nice!

2. Drunk/Fucked Up Sex

Now don't get me wrong, I love having drunk sex, but not sloppy drunk sex. A little tipsy, where I'm feeling myself, I'm wild and horny, that is A-OK with me. I hate fucked up drunk sex, because I get super dizzy, and I more than likely don't remember it. If I'm fucked up, I can't give you head, because the chances of me throwing up on your dick, is high. And I know you don't want that. In addition to all of that, I don't want to embarrass or hurt myself. I get super clumsy, and crazy when I'm fucked up.

3. Tired/Lazy Sex

I can't stand a lazy sex partner. If you're tired or exhausted just pass on this session. I hate a slumped over heavy body on top of me. That's a;; I have to say lol

4. Interrupted Sex

Somebody walks in, like "oops my bad." Or you get caught sleeping with somebody man, or his mom come in through the door swinging broom sticks. Whenever I get interrupted during sex, it takes me a while to get back in the mood.

5. Junky Environment Sex

OK, I understand having clothes around the room here and there. But if your room is junky, I cannot focus while having sex. I'm looking around trying to be nosy, and tryna figure out why that plate still got ketchup on it, and why there are used q-tips next to the trash can, and not IN THE TRASH CAN! Maybe this example is more personal based off experience, but I know some ladies have experienced this as well. I CANNOT be the only one. Messy sex is a huge NO NO. Clean yo DAMN room!

6. Incompatible Sex

If our energies aren't connecting we cannot properly connect! It's like Bluetooth, if your Bluetooth ain't turned on, or you got too much storage, I cannot connect to you! (I just made that up, it was rather cheesy) But you get my motion! I will be so dry if I'm not feeling you 100%, I won't be sucking your dick, and I'm not fucking back, or clenching my pussy walls. I will lay there like a fucking doormat.

7. Surprise Period Sex

I know this is gross, but GROW UP! It is awful, and disturbing but the shit happens. Especially when you have irregular periods, and you're a horny fucking goat. You want sex ALL the time. So there will be times where you're having sex and you get the surprise that there is blood everywhere. He's either uncomfortable, mad, or a G and he keeps fucking you. Either way its a messy situation. The whole time you thought you were super juicy and wet, but all in all your period started.

If you can relate or have more examples of horrible sex, drop it in the comments below!

Love ya!



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