Spoken Fantasy - The Climax

12:54am - Pull Up, Hop Out

I'm sure this Molly has me feeling loose, free, fluid, unstoppable, and sexy. Everything is unicorns, lollipops, and rainbows right now. This feeling hit me the moment the driver opened my door and smacked my ass with a "Good luck sexy" as I walked away. I eagerly run up the stairs to the front door, and before I could lift my fist to knock; the door swings opens.

"Ms Milky is in the HOUSEEE!!!!" trueebonybdsm opens the door with so much joy!

"Oh heyy!!! You're so lovely! Call me Kay." I reciprocate the energy, and embrace her perfect body.

Her husband makes his way towards me, kneels down and kisses the toes sticking out of my heeled sandals, slides his hands up my thigh to leverage himself while he stands, leans in to kiss my forehead, then properly greets me.

"The pleasure is ours Kay. We are thrilled to welcome you to our home. Come, make yourself comfortable."

He guides me to the first living room area, where he directs me to sit towards the end of the long sofa. trueebonybdsm sits next to me and hubby walks towards me to remove my shoes, he delicately unlaced the strings that tied up my ankle, and then slipped my feet right out. While trueebonybdsm strikes up conversation with me, hubby begins to do some wild shit with his tongue to my toes. Never knew how great this shit actually felt. He added in deep tissue massaging with his hands while his tongue circled around the tips of my toes. My head leans back on the couch, soaking in all this greatness.

"Let him serve you honey, that is what he loves. Sit back and relax. You need me to make you another gin & tonic, with a squirt of lime?"

She winks at me, and at that moment I realized, duh they have cameras in my "room". Makes sense because of all the nice shit in there, but damn, I'm sure I burped a couple times, and did some embarrassing shit in there. Awkward!

"Yes please!" Her energy is so much more uppity than her husbands, I can tell she is his Mommy and bosses him around like a little submissive bitch. I'm hear for it though. Plus he's real good at pleasing me. She goes to make my drink and Hubby continues to massage and lick my feet.

From behind the couch she yanks my head back by wrapping her forearm around my forehead, locking me in between the couch cushion, and her arm.

"Drink up" She places the bottom of the glass on my chin forcing my mouth open. Quickly pours the drink down my throat, leaving me no other option than to continuously swallow with my mouth open while I breathe. Like the champ I am, I managed to not waste a drop. It wasn't gin & tonic though, unless the tonic was flat.

"You managed to drink up, now allow me to.." She makes her way around the couch telling hubby to sit next to me now. She guides her face between my thighs, shifting my lingerie piece to the side using only her tongue. She presses my legs further apart, and sticks her head deeper inside my pussy. My eyes began to close as I moan to her rhythmic tongue strokes; before I could place my hands around her head, I fall asleep. All I could see once my eyes closed were wild crazy colors and shapes, that hurt my eyes so bad, I wanted to open my eyes again.

I was unable to open my eyes. I still felt present, but asleep. It was so weird, was it the Molly and Percocet kicking in? Or did she drug that drink? I began to think about how much I loved my mom, how I forgot to put the out of office on my work email, and the chicken breast that are going to go bad in the fridge. Everything is fucked up! Eventually the colors went away, and everything just went dark.

I wake up after who knows how long, latched to a pillar, with a fucking dildo staring me in face. I try to move my hands, and feet, but the shackles are so tight, I'm unable to move even an inch. Still too high and dazed, I remain quite calm. Hubby comes behind me and rubs on my pussy from behind, getting me wet and turned on.

"I'm sorry, but this is what you wanted. The best thing for you to do is follow her orders, behave, and cum for momma."

He whispers in my ear, while he continues to get me wet and ready. It feels great. trueebonybdsm walks in, I can hear her heels clicking on the hard floor. hubby stops fingering me, and I feel trueebonybdsm wrap her hands around me, getting a good grip on both my breast. I can feel something rubbing up against my ass, she's probably wearing a strap on. Sure enough, she pushes my back deeper towards the pillar, and makes me lift my ass higher in the air. She slid the fat ass 10" dick inside my pussy from the back.

"Ahhhhhh" incapable of handling the amount of dick in me, I let out a loud yell.

"Shut up and take it darling. I mean, you are Ms. Melanin Milk." she laughs as she continue to plow my insides. the bar in front of my stomach is pressing so hard against my abdomen, I don't know which hurts worse. I begin to beg her to stop, but she refuses to because she knows I'm enjoying it, as my juices drip to the floor.

"Shut her up for me baby." Hubby walks back over to me, grabs me by the neck, and forces the dildo into my mouth. He pushes my head forward, making me deep throat the dildo. I try to suck it, but I can't stop whimpering and moaning. trueebonybdsm sneaks her head around next to mine and spits on the dick.

"Suck it better!"

I turn on my dick sucking skills and go into beast mode, I let myself relax and enjoy it. While she's fucking me, hubby can now stop forcing my head to suck, he steps away again.

"I'm about to cum!" My pussy walls begin to pulsate as I can feel the cum building up. She quickly pulls the 10" dildo out of my pussy and I let out an intense squirt, and release all the cum inside me on the floor, splashing on my feet.

"There you go sweetie."

The shackles on my arms, thighs, and ankle suddenly open, releasing me to fall to the floor. Hubby rushes back over gets on his knees and licks my cum off the floor. trueebonybdsm removes her strap on, and grabs a leash and ties it around my neck. She orders me to crawl.

It's like an obstacle course, there are so many set ups, I had no clue what was next. I see hubby has made his way over to set up my next extravaganza. It appears to be a see-through igloo looking dome on top of a sturdy wooden table.

"Climb on top suga!" She smiles at me and instructs me to climb on top of the table. Hubby lifts the dome, and positions my body exactly where it belongs. My feet are lifted in stirrups attached to the dome, like I'm about to get a pap smear, my opening is directly placed in front of the "igloo" open door. and my back is pressed up against this little stump, positioned to provide comfort for my back. Hubby reaches in and cuffs my ankles to the stirrups to prevent me from moving. trueebonybdsm rolls this machine towards me, attaches a dildo on the stick to the machine, and slides it into my pussy. Hubby grabs a handheld massaging vibrator that is also attached to a stick and turn it on level 3. He cuts the machines on, and it begins fucking me at turbo speed!

"Fuck! Ahhh! No, no no! I can't take it. Please stop!" My pleads go unanswered while trueebonybdsm stares me in the face through the clear igloo, smiling while I get fucked at 60 mph, and while hubby has this vibrator placed directly on my small, helpless clit. I have a feeling this won't stop until I cum for them again.

I had to remind myself this is only temporary, I can't cum myself to death, so I should just release everything I can.

"Look at this juicy ass pussy honey."

My pussy was getting ridiculously wet, a mixture of creamy and silky fluids was creeping between my nicely Brazilian shaved lips. trueebonybdsm notices my eyes roll behind my head, and my thighs tremble. At the time, I didn't even notice she had un-cuffed my ankles from the stirrups. No longer able to take it, I immediately push the vibrator away from my clit as I feel myself about to explode again.

Hubby throws the vibrator on the floor and flings the igloo top open. and I ejaculate in the air like a fucking top busted off a fire hydrant. He swirls around like Beyonce as my sprinkles fall from the air like rain. As this machine continues to fuck me, I continue to squirt.

"Holy fuck! Please stop the machine! I've learned my lesson! I can't cum anymore."

"Hahahahaha! You have NOT learned your lesson." trueebonybdsm turns off the machine and slides it out of me. I roll over in fetal position in absolute pain, my stomach feels like all my organs will fall out of my pussy if I stand up.

"You're not done yet my darling, get up and follow me, or I will drag you." She kindly yanks the collar around my neck as she kindly tells me she's gonna drag me if I don't get up.

"I can't. Give me a second." I quietly speak those words as I massage my belly. Hubby comes to my aide.

"I'll make you feel better. Would you like to stay in this position?"

"Yes please."

He picks me up effortlessly and carries me to a little table. He places me on my knees, and trueebonybdsm comes and straps me down like a professional using chains and belts, while I remain hunched over on my knees.

She orders me to lift my head so that she can put a muzzle on me. I notice the muzzle has a gag ball attached on it. I slightly lift my head.

"Wait! Has this been clea.." She shoves the gag in my mouth before I was able to ask about the sanitary uses of the gag muzzle. She latches the muzzle tightly to my face, and connects it to the table. Keeping my face positioned to look in only one direction. I lay there helplessly. The pain in my stomach is slowly subsiding, but the anticipation of what is to come is terrifying.

"Weeeetwoooo!" She makes this long signal whistle as if she was calling for someone.

Sure enough, she was. I hear heavy combat boot steps coming down the stairs.

"Hey handsome, it's great to see you again. I left you a treat."

"Thank you madame! I've been thinking about her ass all night."

After he speaks, I realize that my driver is here. That handsome ass driver, that picked me up from the airport. I immediately got wet, and relaxed all over again. He walks behind me and caresses my ass cheeks. Gives it a a few firm smacks, then goes back to caressing it. He has been doing this for about 5 minutes now, obsessing over my booty, moaning, and smacking his lips like he's ready to eat.

"Use this partner." Hubby hands driver man a flogger with loose little leather strings. He gives me lashes after lashes. I cringe on the table, slob seeps through the gag ball stuffed in my mouth. My ass hurts so bad, I wiggle it back and forth, so he can see I want it to stop. Floggers definitely hurt a lot more than I thought. He spread my cheeks apart and I feel a wet tongue lick the surface of my booty hole, then he begins to penetrate my hole with his tongue. While tongue fucking my booty, he inserts 2 fingers in my pussy and makes the 'come here' motion with both finger, pressing against the bottom of my vaginal canal. The combination of both has me like...

I'm pretty much falling in love with this man. Or what this man is doing to me. With his right hand he has a tight grip on my right butt cheek, his left hand in my pussy, and his tongue in my ass. I can tell he is enjoying it, by his man moans. trueebonybdsm and her husband are next to us on the floor watching and masturbating each other. I honestly can't explain how wet I was getting, not only was driver turning me on, but being watched was turning me on even more.

Next thing you know driver's finger goes deeper inside me, he quickly pulls his finger out, and wipes my pussy juices all around my rectum. Then I hear a zipper and his pants drop to the floor...

As he rubs my juices and his saliva around my hole, his raw dick is forced into my innocent asshole. I grab tight to the table as he fucks me in the ass. Tears begin to fall from my eyes, since my screams are inhibited. Only inside me for maybe a couple of minutes he pulls out, jacks his dick and comes all over my ass.

trueebonybdsm falls back and creams all over Hubby's hand. Her sexy ass moan makes me cum again. Hubby see's the way I'm looking at her, and comes to let me go free. my weak body falls off the table to the floor. I try to quickly stand up but I find myself collapsing back to the floor.

"Is she OK?"

"Are you OK?"

Everything is blurry, sounds appear distant, and my heart is beating so fucking fast. All three of them are standing over me just looking at me. I close my eyes hoping that Hubby or driver man will pick me up and carry me to my soft comfy bed. Then I hear her say...

"She better be ready for tomorrow's session. We're not done with her yet, we barely started."

"Fuck!" (I think in my head.) It is only Friday night/Saturday Morning. I don't leave until Sunday!!

To be continued...

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