May 23, 2017

*Warning - Graphic, inappropriate, and offensive language, are included in this post. Some of which may make you uncomfortable. Read at your own risk*

Clarence and I have been friends for about 6 years now, since college. We messed around once before on the first night we hung out, simply just kissing and innocent touching. That night we decided that wasn't the right route for us to take. I guess I wasn't putting it down back then how I am now, because he definitely would have been hooked simply off my kisses. Nonetheless, we remained great turn up buddies. Clarence is a super romantic, sweet, tough looking guy, who is always in a serious relationship. He's a very handsome man, I had a crush on him for a while before we became friends.

Anyhow, him and his girlfriend Maleah had just broken up after being in the most perfect appearing relationship for 3 years. He was a little down in the dumps about the whole situation, so he invited me over to kick it. 

I'm ready for a massive turn up with Clarence, he always knows how to have a good time, which is why that's the homie. I can always expect drinks, laughter, good music and food! 

I pop up around 8:30pm, and sure enough he has his place all set for the perfect night. Kanye West Life of Pablo was playing at a volume that made you wanna just bust a flow right then and there, pizza was ready on the counter with options of different 2-liter soda bottles, his liquor spread atop the table, and all I could smell was the lovely scent of marijuana.

He plops down and begins to roll one up. I help myself to the Crown Apple, and mix it with some ginger-ale. 

"I'm so glad to see you, thanks for coming through"

He comes behind me and wraps his arm around my neck, leaning me backwards, closer to him to allow him to kiss my forehead. I was a tad bit thrown off, because this nigga ain't ever grabbed me like this before. And he know forehead kisses are my weakness. 

"Of course, I needed some Clarence time, it's been a minute since we've gotten to actually hang out."

Still a little thrown off, I think nothing of it and I grab the blunt from him and head to to the living room with my drink. I begin to move my body to the Kanye Waves track, this my jam so you know I'm feeling myself. As I'm rapping along and moving my body I see him watching me, he's so present right now, and his secure glare is kinda turning me on. 

"Pass me the blunt my nigga!"

"My bad! Imma go pour us up some shots, what should we have?


My shot excitement quickly subsided, he know I'm scared of Hennessy. I was thinking a simple shot of vodka, maybe even tequila. Because the Henny automatically gets me wet and horny. 

"Alrighty then... Henny it is!"

The first shot slides down my throat, too easily. I can see this leading to a disaster. 





(about 6 shots, 3 mixed drinks, and 2 blunts later)


Clarence is over on the couch telling stories, cracking up at his own jokes, just drunk as fuck.

I can't help but stare at him. Visually, this man is fucking beautiful. His perfect smile, deep dimples, and coffee skin complexion has me all slippery, and warm.

I don't want to make a pass at this vulnerable man, but it's been 6 years and I have never seen his dick! Now I'm all curious, so I make my way next to him on the couch to continue engaging in conversation. I get super flirtatious and begin rubbing the nape of his head. 

"Don't start"

"Start what?"

He darts his eyes at me and immediately begins to kiss me. Before you know it, he has managed to remove my clothes, leaving me in my bra and panties. We roll on to the floor, and start a kissing war. Henny kisses are the best, aggressive, lots of tongue, lip bites, and dramatic draw backs.

As I'm on top of him, he mumbles something. But I was so in the moment I didn't really hear what he said. I thought he said "fuck me" but I couldn't be to sure, so I softly reply with "Huh?"

He gently pushes me to the side, and repeats himself.

"I want you to fuck me?"

"You really want that? I can ride a mean dick!" I confidently say as I flip my hair. 

"I'm sure you can, but I want you to fuck me. You think you can do that? I wanna see you with a strap-on on."

"Huh?" I'm a bit tipsy, so I'm a little unclear still as to what this fine, macho ass man is asking.

"I trust you, you my home-girl, I know you a freak, and I want you to put on this strap-on and fuck me, I'm not deserving enough to fuck you." He kinda looks down, drooping his eyes like a sad little puppy.

"Clarence, what are you talking about? Are you drunk right now? Or are you 100% sure of what you are asking? 

He jumps up walks to his bedroom, and returns with this long black dildo, attached to some black straps. All of a sudden a overwhelming amount of excitement engulfed my body. 


"Come with me." 

He signals me to follow him back into his room. So many questions began to fill up in my head. What am I about to do? Should I really even do this with my friend? He's going to regret this. This is so manly of me. What is my stroke game going to be like? Do I stop if he's in pain?


He throws the strap on to me, and points to the lube on his nightstand. I instantly felt powerful and in charge!

"You fucked up now" I jokingly tell him. 

I place the strap on over my panties, and positioned it tight, and secure. I don't want to admit this, but it has been an odd fantasy of mine to fuck a man, but I never actually thought the day would ever come. I felt so honored. 

I can see the anticipation and elation on his face.

The Henny begin to give me my second wind, and I walked towards Clarence and pushed him on the bed.

"Take your fucking briefs off."

"Yes ma'am"

And he 'yes ma'am'd' me! He's a submissive little bitch! I would have never known. He pulls down his briefs and locks them in at his ankles.

"How do you expect to spread 'em with those around your ankles? Remove them completely!"

His stomach is pressed against the bed, and his feet are dangling off the edge of the bed planted on the floor. He doesn't have a great arch, but I plan on annihilating his ass regardless. 

He begins to pant, nervously waiting for me to enter. I spread his cheeks apart and smother his asshole with the lube. I angle the dildo to line up perfectly, and I rub it along the exterior. His hole is pretty wide already, he's super relaxed, and prepared.

"I'm ready"

Without further ado, I slide in, quick, hard, and deep!

He lets out a sonorous yell, followed by a labored groan. I got showered with a shit ton of confidence and got on my tippy toes, planted my hands on his back and began to thrust quicker and deeper. Seeing him so vulnerable and in pain was low key turning me on. I could feel my panties becoming warm and moist. 

"Yea, you enjoying this dick, ain't you?" As soon as those words left my lips I knew it was probably an awkward and weird thing to say, so I quickly tried to think of something else to say to cover it up.

"Yea, don't stop Maleah"

This man just called me Maleah! I didn't make him correct himself, and call me by my name. But it made me think, was Maleah doing this for him too, or is this why they are no longer together. Regardless, this is a good ass ab workout, so my unfit ass was getting rather exhausted. Clarence reaches his hand under him to let his super erect dick dangle off the edge of the bed. He begins to stroke it, while I stroke him.

"I'm bout to cum, you gone catch this cum in your mouth?" 

In my head I was thinking "fuck no, nigga". But, like a good little horny girl I obliged, slowly releasing the dildo from his asshole, causing him to cum even sooner. he falls to the floor, and I lean in to catch all his cum. Planning to snowball him, I refrain from swallowing and I slide up towards his mouth. Unknowingly, he opens his mouth and let's me kiss him. While positioning my lips on his, I release all his cum in his mouth. 

"Swallow it" I seductively whisper in his ear. he must've already knew what I was about to do, because before I could finish talking, I heard a deep gulp.

"Good boy you are!" I giggle, and slightly stand up directly above him to remove my panties, and the strap-on. As soon as I throw them in the corner, he wraps his arms around my thighs an pulls me back down, smothering his face with my pussy. I'm sitting on my shins, shifting my pussy back and forth on his face. 

"You're so good at this" my body begins to freeze up, as he sucks the soul out of my clit, licking my entire vulva, and shoving his tongue in and out. I can feel tears build up in my eyes, it's so fucking good. The best part was when he felt my thighs shake, so he continued to do whatever move he was doing to get me to this point. I squirt all in his mouth, and he sucks harder trying to drink it all up. I fall backwards, and roll on to my stomach incapable of taking anymore. Clarence smacks my ass, and makes his way to the bathroom. I glance up and see this fool hitting what he likes to call his 'sex dance' all super excited and what not.

"Wow, looks like somebody's happy!"

"I most certainly am, we have to do this again, soon."

he continues to the bathroom, and I gather myself to leave. I start to feel used, uncomfortable, strange, and out of character. I've never done anything quite like this, so I needed a moment to regain my composure, kind of just be alone.

"Hey, I'm gonna head out!" I yell to Clarence while he's in the bathroom.

"Hold up, give me a second"

I hurried along, grabbed a slice of pizza and left.

 What in the hell did I just do?....









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