Melanin Milk's Guide to Happiness

One thing people always notice about me, is that I am always happy. Many people have yet to see me in any other emotion other than happiness. That is because I have found what brings me pure joy. It take something major to disturbed my peace. I will share with you the things I have found that keeps my energy positive. I suggest adding your own personalized touches, to really get the full effect. What makes me happy might not be the key to yours. But it can definitely be a start.

1. Music

The lovely sound of music. Whatever makes you move your body, sing along, and take your mind away from whatever is worrying you. That is the kind of music you need in your life. Don't be afraid to dance. Don't be ashamed to murmur incorrect lyrics. Don't be bashful if someone is watching, don't be shy to release your inner ratchet, just be free.

2. Meditation

I try to dedicate time in the morning and time at night to breathe and be in the moment. I use an app called Aware, it starts you off with small sessions, like 3-5 minutes. Before you know it you'll be at 35 minutes! It honestly has helped me keep calm, and not get aggravated, irritated, or frustrated over simple matters. Add an incense, or candle. Listen to some Londrelle, self affirmations, and you are on your way to pure happiness.

3. Laughter

Simply just laugh and smile more. It makes an astounding difference. Look at some memes, watch a funny video, think of an old funny story, be around someone who makes you laugh. Another great addition I've realized is when you wake up smiling, your day goes so much more smoothly. You don't need a reason why to smile.

4. Satisfactory Head

If you're getting good head, there is no way you can be in any other mood than happy! If it's someone you really like and enjoy, and they are sucking the soul out of you, making you cum every time! It is the most magical thing ever. All you need it 3 times a week, and you'll be hop-skipping everywhere.

5. Cut a Bitch Off!

Get rid of people who drain your energy, and don't apologize for it. Stop hanging around people who complain constantly, and are miserable, and don't seem like they care to change it. You can't change, help, or fix them. It's only going to make you just as unhappy as they are. Trust me, I have first class experience with that situation. Now, don't cut a bitch off that you feel genuinely needs and wants your help. Helping them out of a slump might actually add to your happiness.

6. Good Food

I don't know about you, but food makes me HAPPPPYY!! Being able to badly crave something, then being able to afford to eat it later is purely delightful. Cooking a meal for myself and washing it down with a bottle of Apothic Red Blend wine completes my day. Treat your self out to your favorite restaurant once a month, try something new whenever you can.

7. Cuddling

Ahhh, the sheer greatness of pressing my body up against another warm body. I can simply orgasm from cuddling. It has to be scientifically proven that cuddling increases endorphin's or something. When you are in a room with the perfect temperature, under warm blankets, and no words are needed to communicate because your bodies are doing all the talking. I can just melt! Happiness!

8. Mother Nature

Go outside! Get some vitamin D! I'm not talking about dick, I'm talking about the lovely, bright sun! Unless you're gonna fuck in the sun, then it's cool. Sun increases serotonin levels, which adds to your happiness. So plan something outside today!

9. Rest Up

People like the saying "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Fuck that shit! In the words of Drake - I just want some head in comfortable bed, it could all be so simple. Getting the rest you need, rather it's 4 hours or 8, it make a difference on how your day goes. Have the energy you need to do the things you love.

10. Masturbation

It burns my ears when I hear a woman say she has never masturbated. Please touch yourself and figure out what makes you feel good, so when someone else touches you, you can guide them. I will soon teach a masturbation class because this is very important to me. :-)

Other things that might add to your happiness: Exercise, marijuana, gambling with someone else's money, quiet alone time, and many many more things in life!

Until Next time!



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