No Text Back

I had to compile this list of greatness created with the help of my lovely Queens of Tumblr. This is a list of conversation starters of a lame, thirsty, and more than likely ugly n***a. Whether it's via text, face to face, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, email, whatever. If you can't get a text back after several attempts, just give up. It's super aggravating ignoring text all day. If this is you fellas, I'm sorry to offend you, but it is time you know the truth. Don't get me wrong some women might be blowing your phone up the same way, super thirsty. But women deal with it so much more!

And it goes a little something like this:

"I'm mad at you"

"So your thumbs don't work no more"

"I can't get a hug?"

"Oh, so you must not know nobody no more"

"You don't fuck wit me no more, huh?"

"I seen you had posted on Facebook the other day"

"So you can tweet, but you can't text me back... iight."

"Why you keep leaving me on read?"

"Wassup stranger lol"






"Good morning beautiful, I'm just speakin"

"I must be a ugly nigga or something"

"When you gone make time for me?"

"I was just tryna have a conversation with you sweetie."

"I guess no love for me huh?"

"Why you don't hit me up?"

"You must got a lil boyfriend now"

"Happy New Year's" (He more than likely put a dumb ass 's' on New Year)

"Damn, I can't get a hi"

*blank message*

"I see you forgot about me"

"What's up punk?"

"Who you out here looking all good for?"

*sends accidental text*

"Sorry that wasn't for you... but what's good though?"


"I know you ain't gone text back, but I just wanted to say goodnight."

"You must be busy or something."

"Long time no talk"

"Go to bed." *after he see's you post on social media late at night*

"So, I should just delete your number then.."

"Can't speak?"

"How you, and your lil boyfriend?"

"When you gone come over and give me a massage?"

Ladies: If you are a victim of these same text crimes, please share, repost, and comment. I'd love to hear more of these offenses.

Fellas: Today you may have witnessed that you are in fact a thirsty, lame, more than likely ugly n***a. But we still love you!

See ya next time!

Compliments of Tumblr

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