Kitty Probation Against Guys Who...

I need my fellas to read this post because it is directed to help you become a better you. You may have been sliding under the radar dating women and smashing women with your fuck boy tendencies. Mainly because sometimes we date a man because he is very persistent, and a woman might feel she owes him some time. Or maybe he has lots of money, and is very giving, and we get blinded by the glitz and glamour. It could be the dick/tongue game that got a bitch all gullible and naive. But whatever the case may be, starting today, I need my ladies to stop dating men who do certain things, and I need fellas to stop being the kind of guy that does certain things. Men like this needs to be put on pussy probation, and maybe that will help them become a better man.

These are those certain things! Ladies, stop dating guys who..

1. Doesn't check up on you.

And no, sending a good morning text does not count as checking in on somebody. No, asking you to send him a pic isn't checking in on you. I don't even feel like a "wyd" text is sufficient either. He doesn't care enough to see how your day was, how an interview went, or if your headache is gone. He doesn't deserve your pussy, or your time.

2. Expect boyfriend perks with no commitment.

Men are so quick to want the pussy, the time, the love, the faithfulness, the support, the sacrifices, the home cooked meals, the patience, great conversation, and the head, but don't want to be in a committed relationship. Stop dating men like that. he's only holding you back from finding the man that will commit to you.

3. Refer to women as "females".

Those are fuck boys honey. They have been scorned by a woman, and they now refer to us as "females". We are not simply the sex of a species capable of birthing offspring. We should not be categorized as a type of sex of persons, animals, and plants!

4. Make homophobic remarks.

A man who brings up his annoyance of the presence of a gay man, bashes gay activity that appears on TV, or uses the f word that rhymes with baggot, you should leave him alone. If he has to tear down another man for his life choices, he is unhappy with his life choices.

5. Bashes other races he doesn't date.

It's OK to like what you like, but you don't need to tear down black women to make you feel better about your choice. Or vice versa. Black women are a prize possession and only the strong can handle, love, and cherish her.

6. Don't eat pussy.

Now some people are going to argue this. But if you are with a woman, you should want to please her in every way possible. You want her to suck you up, you better be slurping her up. I get a new level of wet if I get some bomb head first. Every woman deserves that same feeling. A man who says he doesn't eat pussy, basically just disrespected me lol.

7. Criticize big girls.

A man who talk down on big girls, looks at them in disgust, critiques their body/lifestyle, and always specifies that they keep a itty bitty on their side. That is the same guy that is balls deep inside a big girl, texting them late night trying to slide through. Enjoying that juicy fat cat. Stop bashing! Just stop!

8. Don't listen when you speak.

Self explanatory sis, he's not interested, don't date him. If a man was into you, he would listen to you vent, cry, and complain. He would be able to follow up with you about what you guys talked about, remind you of something you said. Not constantly hitting you with "huh?", "what you say?" or being goofy all the damn time, incapable of holding a serious conversation.

9. Don't text back.

Let get this straight, it takes 5 seconds to send a text asking "How's your day?" And you were too busy in your day that consists of 86,400 seconds to say hi, or respond to a message? You sir will not get any of my time. Women stop dating men who do that, there are men out there that text back, text first, and even tag you in funny memes!

In addition to that, stop dating men who only text! You call them, and then they ignore your call and then text you "What's good". Move along sir.

10. Won't grow up.

A childish ass, goofball ass, cornball boy, who acts this way ALL THE TIME! You try to have a serious conversation, and he cracking jokes. You tired, trying to chill and he trying to tickle you and shit. It will grow old fast, so you just need to move on now.

*Disclaimer* Obviously, not all men have these traits, and not all these traits make you a fuck boy. So don't get your panties all in a wad. There are some good seeds out there! So, let's stop giving those bad seeds our time and pussy!

Listen up fellas!


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