Story Time (X-Rated) continued.

March 7, 2017

I see Sarah, and leap towards her, hungry for more. Mark immediately grabs me by the waist, and pulls me back from her.

"You don't get to do that."

He drags me to the bedroom by my arms, and leans my body over the edge of the bed.

"Grab it." he instructs Sarah to grab something, while he has his hands pressed on my back pinning me down. 


I receive a whack on my ass by a paddle. Between every smack, she licks my cheek, and slides two fingers in my pussy. After the 2nd paddle whack Mark covers my mouth directing me to shut up, while continuing to press my back into the bed with his other hand.

After the 5th swing, Sarah continues shoving her fingers inside me.

"Let me get up!" I muffle out my words between Marks fingers. My ass cheek is stinging, and I want Marks dick inside me, not her fingers. He uncovers my mouth, and lifts the pressure from my back. I whisper into Sarah's ear "I think you should go take a break, I need a moment."  She takes a step back and looks at Mark for directive.

I shoot my attention his way, and he nods his head in approval for her to leave the room. 

"I really need you inside of me, alone, without her around. You have me so turned on, I don't know if I should be excited or mad at you."

"You should learn to respect me, do as you're t.."

Before he can get his last word out, I man handle his ass to fall on top of the bed. I grab his dick to be upright using my finger tips, then gradually glide my tongue around it. Making sure every inch is soaked in saliva. I give it one good deep throat, making sure it goes down my throat with ease. I manage to stick my tongue out, giving his balls a quick lick. 


I shift his body, directing him to get closer to the center of the bed. As I'm getting on top of him, I peep Sarah peeking through the crack of the door. So I make sure to give her a show. I'll focus on her too, but just not right now. 

"Damn, I love you." He looks at me in such amazement.

I chuckle, as I ease my way down on his wet dick. My hands are balancing on his knees, and my feet are positioned beside his arms. I begin to slowly rock my hips forward, so he can see the wetness forming inside me. He places his fingers on my clit, and begins to rub while I ride. The dripping down his dick, is driving him wild.

I hear his moans, and it's turning me on even more. His moans is like a hype man for me, and it makes me want to perform even better. He puts his fingers in his mouth to taste my juices. His eyes close as he savors every bit of it.

"Damn baby!" I can tell Mark is about to cum I feel his dick pulsating, but he begs me not to stop. Even though I'm losing my breath, I continue to bounce my ass on his dick. I hear the door squeak open.

"Not yet!" I yell at Sarah to stay her ass where she was at. I was so close to cumming. I feel myself ready to burst again, so I stop bouncing, and go into a calming swirl motion. 

He burst all his cum deep inside me, while sinking his nails into my thigh, his head pressed back into the wall trying to handle the explosion. I immediately pop from on top of him and take the rest inside my mouth. Sucking until every drop of his cum is swallowed.

"Wow, you are fucking amazing" Sarah stands there in awe. At this point I'm even more horny, and my pussy sucked the life out of Mark. I want to continue to to play.

"Are you ready?" I was so curious, and ready to have more fun. 

"Allow me to clean up this mess?" She looks at me for permission. I slide away from Mark allowing her to suck his cum from between my soaked lips, and not the lips I use to speak. She begins to eat me out, while fingering me. Mark sits upright, to enjoy the show. Her tongue game was not the best, so I roll my body around, to lie on my stomach. 

"Continue." Marks orders Sarah to continue eating me, as he was very much entertained. He was stroking his dick while watching us. She continues to lick on my pussy from the back, but I position my asshole to line up with her tongue. While she shoves her tongue in and out of my ass, I spread my cheeks apart, and throw my ass back into her face to make sure her tongue was deep as it could go. She places her hands right at the top of my butt, and rapidly moves her face in and out. Mark has never eaten my ass, and I have always been curious as to how it felt. She's going to town. Sarah is enjoying eating my ass probably more than I actually enjoy it. I turn my head around and see Mark place his fingers inside Sarah's tiny, perfectly Brazilian shaved pussy. I get a bit jealous and position myself back upright. Sliding Sarah closer to me, to get her away from Mark. I bend over and place my lips between her legs, kissing on her thighs, groping her breast. Her pussy juices were tartly sweet, kind of reminded me of purple grapes. I like purples grapes. I began to eat her out, as if I was full blown butch dyke. 

Mark makes his way behind me, and starts fucking me while I lick her canvas. The way he was fucking me, was making my head game even more intense for Sarah.

"Oh Mark, thank you for making this happen!" "Fuck, this is so hot!" "Fuck her harder!" Sarah begins to babble a bunch of gibberish. I guess is her way of showing she's about to cum. She screams, and releases a creamy fluid inside my mouth. 

I didn't want to swallow her cum, so I scoot towards her face, and spit all of it into her mouth. She willingly opens her mouth, and swallows everything.

Mark slides me back closer to him and begins to plow at my pussy. Sarah lays there like a dead fish, quivering. I grab a hold of her leg as I began to squirt all over the floor. Mark pulls his dick out from inside me, and rubs his fingers vigorously over my clit, causing me to cum even harder. I slide to the ground; empty, with nothing left to give. Sarah is passed out, and I'm ready to lay right next to her and fall asleep.

"You aren't done until I bust one more nut."

"No, stop! I can't! No, no, no, no!" 

He effortlessly scoops me off the floor, and air fucks me. I can tell he was giving everything he had. His grunts were scary, and the grip he had on me was overwhelming.

Yet, something about it all had my pussy throbbing. He drops me on the bed next to Sarah, and jacks his dick until he bust his cum all over us. He too, plops on the bed, landing face first into my pussy.

He lifts up and looks me in the eye.

"You better not act up again."

















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