The Inability to Orgasm

Many women struggle with achieving an orgasm. It is a sad, sad, sad thing. There are so many things a woman has to take in account before she is able to cum like never before. *Disclaimer* Please note that I am no doctor, or expert; these suggestions are based off my experience and every one may not achieve the same results from the information given! Graphic Images are below.

1. Foreplay

I can't say this enough! Take time to build up excitement inside your body. The kind of excitement that gives you goosebumps on your skin, and a seductive smirk on your face. When you can feel bubbles forming between your pussy lips because of the extreme wetness. When your inner sex demon can no longer lie dormant, and is ready to sexually attack someone. At that point you are ready to engage in orgasm triggering festivities. Find what really gets you wet. Is it: Someone massaging your scalp, kisses on your neck, cuddling with gentle caressing along your thigh, a nice booty massage, passionate kisses, deep conversation with strong eye contact, or some good ole HEAD!

2.Get Some Head

Make sure he is doing it the way you like, and if you aren't sure try a few techniques to see which works best for you. In order for one to get me to cum I need the following to happen:

Slow glides of your tongue from my vaginal opening, all the way to above my clit; as if you were licking a double scoop chocolate ice cream cone. I need your mouth salivating, making juices run down my crack. Place your hands on my waist, with a strong grasp making sure I don't go no where. After your long soft strokes, I want you to focus on my clit for just a moment. Form your tongue to be more pointed and flicker it as quick as you can, don't press your tongue too close on the clit, place it right on the tip. My pussy juices have now began to become thicker and slippery. Once you feel the juices in your beard (Because it is pertinent that you have one) Spread my lips apart with both your hands and rub your face all in it like you are motor-boating my pussy. I want to feel everything from your nose, your hair follicles, your chin, and even your cheek! After that, suck on my clit, slurp on it, kiss on it. With every suck, I want to feel your tongue doing a circular motion. Go back to ice cream cone licking, this time press your tongue down harder. Start spelling the alphabet, or just go up and down, left and right, zig-zag, circles, and spirals. In other words I want you dancing with your tongue! In my head I better see your tongue doing moves like his feet.

You will for sure have my vagina ready to orgasm.

3. Know Your Vagina. Play With Your Vagina

There are some things I have been taught by a gynecologist male friend that has made me fall even more in love with my vagina and hopefully it helps you get closer to yours.

For starters, the clit is a powerful little thing (and I use 'little' very loosely), It has almost 4,000 more sensory nerves endings than the penis does, which gives that wonderful clit more power to affect more nerve endings in the area (which is why we shake uncontrollably sometimes).

A lot women have never come from vaginal penetration and that has almost everything to do with the distance of your clit from your vaginal opening. If it is more than, let's say an inch away, chances are slim. You'll need clitoral stimulation in addition to you reach your peak. If you have a large hood covering your clit, it probably takes more work to make you cum. Some women (like myself) are gifted with a hood-less clit and it's amazing because you can slightly brush up against it and it is experiencing great pleasure. Think of it as a circumcised penis versus a turtle neck one. I hate to say that the clitoris is basically a penis, but it is. It has all the same components, it just has been pieced together differently. If you've ever noticed, your clit enlarges when aroused, just like a penis!

Normally, only 1/4 of the clit is exposed outside of the body, the rest is hiding inside. Special cases where more is exposed, making the clit visually larger . (All clits are the about the same size of 4" but, the length that sticks out varies) When you have a smaller clit, most of your sensation is within your vagina, so make him put fingers inside you when giving you head. When you have a larger clit, make him suck, lick, and really focus on the outside of the vagina, the vulva.

I know this is shocking information! lol

I haven't done much actual research on this, so I need all my readers (male or females as a do-er or receiver) to try this and let me know if it works. So a lot people love anal sex, because it reaches a G-Spot that creates a new feeling when you cum. But I've found a new way to achieve that same orgasm WITHOUT entering the back door. You will need a partner for this :-). So spread those lovely thighs, and allow someone to enter 2 fingers into your vagina. You will automatically assume the finger will be upright, wrong. Insert them face down, and press down as if your firmly tapping on something. Keep pressing, as you move deeper into the vagina until you find a spot that makes your body tense up. Once you've found that, continue to press against it rapidly... And when you feel that, you are welcome!

4. Never Hold Back

A lot of women hold back from cumming. It's such a bad idea. When you continue to hold back your cum, it desensitizes your vagina over time, making it harder for you to reach an orgasm. I have made that mistake because I'm a squirter, and I hated it! It makes such a mess, and I get tired of doing laundry, wiping down furniture, getting his muscle shirt drenched. So I purposely hold it in. NOT ANYMORE, I love seeing it projectile, and splash in his face, and the way it makes my body quiver. So basically, what I am saying is embrace your drippings!

5. Get Out Of Your Head

Sex is mental. When you are thinking about things other than what's happening in the moment, you block yourself from achieving a true orgasm. Relax, and clear your mind. Think about how good something feels, how good he smells, how sexy he is, anything. When you find your mind drifting to worries, or things in the past, quickly try to bring your attention back. Think of a porno you enjoy, or celebrity crush. Just don't think about work, money issues, how you think your belly looks, or how a bitch pissed you off today. Try talking to yourself, or talking dirty to him. Get your mind in line with the pleasures you are receiving.

My wish is to make sure all my lovely ladies are cumming as much as possible and loving as much as possible. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Living life happily, freely, and guilt free. Do what you love, do what pleases you, and please, put yourself first!

See Ya!!


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