Why You're Still Single: Zodiac Edition

You know, and I know, that you have some fucked up qualities about yourself that prohibits you from having a thriving, and strong relationship. This post is going to tell you why you are still single, based on your horoscope. Tweak some things, and apply them so that you can get have that #BlackLove that floats all around Instagram. Stop being so "I don't need a man", "I'm a strong independent woman", "Fuck men". Or for the fellas, stop being all "I got hoes", "Fuck bitches", and "let me just DM her right quick." Start being more open, loving, and honest. So, without further ado, let's begin:


The very same self-assured nature that attracted someone to you early on, is now becoming extremely annoying. An Aries needs to tone down his or her ego and that “me first” attitude occasionally if they would like a relationship to last. Your arrogance is overwhelming at times, and no one actually wants to be with someone like that.


Don’t assume your partner will remain loyal to you if you stop looking after your appearance or get too lazy about trying to ignite romance. Keep the fire burning, be spontaneous, and not so "by the books."You want your man to be all yours and expect him to act that way; Taurus is sometimes very possessive. If you want him to be all yours, SHOW that, don't get comfortable. Stubborn Taurus partners also tend to hold grudges and allow resentment to grow after the same fight happens repeatedly. Try to let things go sometimes.


If cheating is a pattern in your relationships, it may be that Gemini trait coming out. Dating a Gemini can be confusing for his or her partner if the Gemini reinvents his or her personality too often, which can send potential candidates getting the fuck out of dodge. You don't know who you are, and your steadily trying to figure that out. If you don't know who you are, how do you expect someone to grow with you? Try being honest with your feelings for once, and expressing your emotions more often.


A Cancer has the danger of mentioning scary things like marriage and kids too early in the relationship. Cancer partners tend to be clingy, causing their dating partners to feel smothered and want to back off instead of relaxing into the embrace of love. You're so scared of rejection, you tend to just do the most, or fall back and miss out on something that could have been great.


As a Leo, you argue with your lover in a relationship because you care. But a confused dating partner might feel that the Leo is constantly picking battles, which can become tiring. You stir up drama for excitement, when you get bored. A Leo's blunt and opinionated self can seem very judgmental to others. A major reason you are single is because your inflexibility pushes people away, so try and make time for people!


That gorgeous individual that you wish would ask you out on a date may not even believe that you are interested since Virgos are so shy and reserved in public. A Virgo also tends to give up too soon and never call back a date if even the slightest thing - real or imagined - goes wrong. 1 little thing turns you off by someone, and they are immediately written off. Everyone is going to have flaws, so stop being so over critical and anal. Your instinct to always call a Spade a Spade, can come off harsh and become an unattractive trait for someone you are trying to pursue. You can be very self destructive, which eliminates any possibility of getting involved in something serious.


The dating life of a Libra can be a disaster if he or she keeps picking lovers that are “broken” and need to be “fixed.” In fact, a Libra might subconsciously seek out people who are bad for him or her, and then fall into a trap of becoming manipulative or deceptive. You are single mainly because you are too much of a people person, life of the party, and hard to not like; but not a lot of people can handle that when in a relationship. They get jealous, or they feel like you're giving more of your attention to strangers. You want to have fun, be funny, live life, travel, and be happy; you're afraid a relationship will stop that.


The delightfully witty insults of a Scorpio can turn to nagging in a relationship, which can cut it short. A Scorpio can have an “all or nothing” picky attitude that shoots down potential dates. Some Scorpio lovers can become controlling, which causes their mates to run. You're super secretive and jealous which also causes your mate to run.


Are your standards just a little too high? Then you might just be a Sagittarius. Sure, you deserve the very best, and you don’t have to settle for anything. But refusing to think anyone is good enough for you is not attractive. Your over confident attitude makes it hard for any potential candidates to even approach you. Outer looks mean a lot to you , as well as what a person has. You don’t have enough patience to look below the surface to see the actual substance and what really matters. You are very materialistic, even if you won't admit to it. You're also just a bit too honest which can hurt a lot of peoples feelings (even if they don't openly tell you). Selfishness plays a big role because you do things for others only to plant that seed to receive something in return; it is not from the kindness of your heart, it's strategy; soon your mate will realize that and leave.


A Capricorn appears unfriendly or distant, and even jealous until his or her trust/comfort has been won. Unfortunately, that takes a lot of time and persistence. A lover can easily become frustrated and bored before being able to appeal to the traditional values of a Capricorn. People love and adore you when you open up, and let your true self shine. But one will not wait forever, so loosen up. Stop being afraid to be hurt again.


An Aquarius is opinionated and doesn’t try to hide his or her quirky nature! This can be delightfully cute early on in a relationship. It is easy for someone to annoy you, so you get upset easily. Which is a red flag for people when considering being in a relationship with you. You are closed off often, and it pushes people away.


Are you still longing after the return of an ex? Then you might be a Pisces, whose self-sacrificing nature can build resentment, and who might not end a bad relationship because you're so caring. A Pisces can keep choosing lovers who use him or her, causing the single life to be revisited again and again. You are the most desired zodiac sign by many because of your personality, you are able to balance sarcastic asshole and romantic lover. However your extreme emotions makes some folks run away.

When you have figured out the reasons you are single, you can then have true, meaningful love. I wish that for all my MelaninMilkers! Xoxoxo

Until Next Time!

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