Story Time (X-Rated)

I've been a straight bitch to my man all week. Petty was my main agenda, and I wanted him to feel every inch of it, everyday. Why am I mad? I don't recall, but I did know he was on pussy probation and the sight of his face made me want to punch him. I was trying to make heading home my last priority. However, I was tired from work and just wanted to relax in the bath tub.

I get home and he's sitting on the couch with a sly smirk on his face. Lights are dim, and candles are lit, and the fireplace is romantically smoky. I'm thinking I know he's not trying to be all lovey dovey so he can get the box, because it's not happening.

"Why are you looking like that?"

"Get yo ass over here and shut up."

I've never heard him talk to me in such a rude, demanding way; so I shut the fuck up, quickly kicked my shoes off, and walked over to him.

He mushes my cheek with his right hand, slightly forcing me to stumble backwards. He grabs the back of my neck with his left hand to catch my fall, while forcefully wrapping his fingers around, tightly choking me. This man is about to beat my ass for being petty, and withholding the goods! I'm a bit scared right now.

"You done acting like you mad, over some bullshit? Or you gone keep acting like a bitch?"

I was so thrown off, I was unable to respond. His voice was so calm and soothing. It was quite disturbing, like damn he's really mad. I was going to get over it by tomorrow because I was horny. Maybe I took it too far.

"Fuck you!" I shoved him against the fireplace.

He lunges towards me and before I was able to run, he had me pinned to the floor. He reaches under the couch behind my head and slides out a black duffel bag. A new bag, because I've never seen it before. I'm probably about to die. We've only been dating for a little over 7 months and he moved me in only a few weeks ago. So I really don't know this motherfucka as well as I thought I did. He is literally about to slice me into pieces and stash my body in the basement.

"Oh my goodness Mark, I'm so sorry. I promise. I won't act crazy anymore! I was planning on fucking you tonight, I swear!"

"Too late, you've been a bad girl, and it's time you pay for that."

I peek over to my right to see what he's grabbing from the bag. He pulls out braided rope, and sits it beside me, he then pulls out a blind fold, candles, a dildo, a paddle, and some sharp shears. My body began to relax with semi-excitement. He's not going to kill me! I began to celebrate in my head, but my body remained calm.

I hear heels clinking on the floor coming from around the kitchen. I quickly tilt my head to see if I can see who the fuck was in here. He quickly grabs me by the chin and brings my face back upright. As he's holding my face, he hops on top of me to firmly pin me down. Tosses the rope across the room, grabs the blindfold, and covers my eyes. I'm no longer sure if I'm up for whatever he has in mind.

While Mark is on top of me, my left arm gets yanked and wrapped in rope, followed by connecting it to my right wrist. This mystery bitch tied it super tight too. She click clacks her ass down to my legs. I move my head to see pass Mark's body, so I can peek between the blindfold and my nose at who this woman is. All I can see is some white legs, in some 8" heels. She ties my ankle and connects the rope around the fireplace pillar. She repeats the same for my other leg. My legs are basically spread at a 125 degree angle. Which I am normally, not comfortably capable of.

"You thought you were gonna get away with your behavior?"

As I open my mouth to respond he forces a gag ball in my mouth, lifts my head and clasps it tight. I don't like this shit, AT ALL! I feel a sharp object sliding down my cheek, to my neck, down to the crevice of my breast. Then I hear scissors snip, cutting my bra and V-neck t-shirt. He continues to cut off my bra and my shirt. Leaving my breast completely exposed. He makes his way down to my leggings, slicing along the sides of my legs, ruining my one favorite black pair of leggings.

I begin to squirm as I feel the sharp ends of the blade scratch up my stomach, the pressure becomes deeper as he traces around my entire body. I hear the click clacks of little miss Sarah making her way back towards me.

FUCK! I yell in my head, as I feel hot candle wax drip on my inner thigh. Meanwhile Mark makes his way up to my nipples, where he begins to gently suck them, rubbing his tongue all around my piercing. Gently squeezing and caressing my cups as if he was only in love with my breast. She continues to drip wax all over my body. Which started to feel pretty good, while Mark sucked on my nipples.

I hear a vibrator going off, and immediately feel the highest level of pulsation pressed against my clit. I begin to move profusely to make it stop, I couldn't handle it. It went on for maybe only a minute, before Mark interrupts it.

"Enough of that." Mark demands the white girl to put down the vibrator. He plants his face between my thighs, and kisses my pussy. He can feel the thumps of my clit from the forceful sensations brought upon me. So he begins to devour me, like it was his last supper. While he's stuffing his face, Sarah (I'm calling her Sarah) whispers in my ear "I'm sorry. I think you are a very beautiful woman, and I would love to kiss you. If I take this off will you participate?" She tugs on the mouth gag. Her voice was so sexy, soft, and sweet. I shake my head yes, and she unhooks the gag piece and frees my mouth. She passionately plants her lips on mine and kisses me better than Mark has ever kissed me. I get even more wet from kissing her, than I was from Mark eating me out. He could feel the excitement happening down there, he was probably drowning trying to handle my juices.

He inserts fingers into my pussy and begins to finger me while his tongue continues to make shapes around my clit. At this point I am releasing so many fluids, I could feel them sliding between my butt crack. I want to touch Sarah so bad, her soft body was now straddling mine. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my stomach.

"Take my blindfold off, I want to see you. Untie me, I want to touch you!" I beg and plead.

Sarah slides her hands towards my neck, and presses down, causing my breathing to become faint. Mark stops eating me and Sarah slides her body down between my legs, slowly releasing the pressure on my neck.

As I gasp for air, Mark shoves his dick right in my mouth. He's planking on top of me, and starts fucking my face. I tilt my head back to better allow it to slide down my throat.

I begin to feel a cold numbing sensation on my pussy. I can't see, but it feels like Sarah is slowly rubbing my clit with an ice cube. I'm not sure I found it pleasurable. Until, she blows her hot breath on it, and quickly starts flicking her tongue around. I try to push Mark off me with my tied hands, as I can feel cum building up inside me. I'm about to blow!

Mark gets from on top of me, and slides my blind fold off. Sarah moves to the side, and continues to rapidly rub her fingers across my clit. As I scream, and squeal, I release the most dramatic squirt across the room. Causing the fire in the fireplace to slightly diminish. They stand around looking at me in amazement.

"Let it out baby, let it out."

I lay there shaking and flopping around like a dying fish out the water. Sarah unties my legs, and mark unties my hands.

I see Sarah, and leap towards her, hungry for more...


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