Men: Tell All - Part 1

So, I found 5 different men, with different demographics, and asked them the same questions. You bet I'm going to share everything with you! It helps to know what men are thinking, what they enjoy, and what they don't in order to completely satisfy the black man. Women always have so many questions running through their mind, and now is the time to get answers.

Man # 1:

  • Age: 33

  • Height: 5'8"

  • Body Type: Slim

  • Zodiac: Scorpio

  • Birth Place: Charlotte, NC

Man # 2:

  • Age: 26

  • Height: 5'10"

  • Body Type: Slim

  • Zodiac: Gemini

  • Birth Place: Baltimore, MD

Man # 3:

  • Age: 23

  • Height: 5'10"

  • Body Type: Average/Fit

  • Zodiac: Capricorn

  • Birth Place: Atlanta, GA

Man # 4:

  • Age: 37

  • Height: 6'2"

  • Body Type: Built/Few Extra Pounds

  • Zodiac: Pisces

  • Birth Place: Houston, TX

Man # 5:

  • Age: 28

  • Height: 5'7"

  • Body Type: Athletic

  • Zodiac: Sagittarius

  • Birth Place: Milwaukee, WI


"Would you let a girl choke you during sex, and would you like it?"

Man # 1: No, and No

Man # 2: Yea, but don't get too crazy. Plus you have to warm me up first. Don't just dive in there choking me.

Man # 3: Yea, you can grab my neck when you riding me, but that's about it.

Man # 4: Nah, I'll pass on it. Sounds too feminine for me.

Man # 5: *laughs* Nah. Maybe. I don't know.

So this one ladies, you'll have to feel your guy out. Do some "test chokes" on your man, and see his reaction before making this a routine thing in the bedroom. A little birdie once told me that a combination of riding him well, and choking him will make him cum like crazy. Test it out, and see!

"How do you feel about a finger in your butt?"

Man # 1: Do not put your finger in mine. I'll put one in yours though.

Man # 2: Not in my butt.

Man # 3: I had it done a couple times, maybe it wasn't done right because it didn't do anything for me.

Man # 4: Back door is off limits.

Man # 5: Yea, that shit be making me bust a fat ass nut.

Majority goes with a big NO. But get you a man from Atlanta, or the mid-west and try it out, they might like it. ( I feel like all men will enjoy it, once they try it with a woman that will do it right.) I mean, look at Kanye he likes it!

"What excites you the most about sex?"

Man # 1: Being able to role play, and have spontaneous, random sex whenever wherever.

Man # 2: The passion. I like the hype of feeling like I performed well, seeing her excited and pleased.

Man # 3: Seeing a woman's naked body excites me the most.

Man # 4: Seeing a woman squirm, plead, and beg when they can't take the dick. Makes me fuck her even harder.

Man # 5: Everything about sex excites me, can't pick anything in particular.

I think more woman should have spontaneous, random sex. It's a new thrilling feel, when you cum. Practice showing passion, it's one thing that gets that dick super hard. When you do something to your man, don't overthink it. Just let your passion drive, he can feel the difference. Suck his dick with passion, rub his dick with passion, cook his food with passion, send him a crazy text WITH PASSION. He might fall in love lol.

"Would you let a girl use a dildo on you? Have you used a dildo on someone before?"

Man # 1: No, and No.

Man # 2: No, but I have used a vibrator on a girl before. No dildo used on me.

Man # 3: No, haven't done either.

Man # 4: *laughs* I ain't playing with no fake dick.

Man # 5: I've used a dildo on a girl before, she had it sitting out, and I had busted a nut already. So I fucked her with her dildo.

If a man has had a dildo inserted in his ass, he's gay; no if, ands, or buts. I don't mind a man using a dildo on me, it'd be kind of sexy.

"Best type of head, that makes you cum?"

Man # 1: Messy, sloppy, give it a good stroke here and there, just use your entire mouth. MAKE IT SLOPPY! I wanna hear sound effects, all that!

Man # 2: Messy! I want spit bubbles, get the balls. Don't gag on purpose.

Man # 3: Give me that sloppy toppy!

Man # 4: Depends on the mood. I like soft, and sensual focusing on the tip, and sometime I want you to deep throat it. You just gotta feel me out. All head is welcomed.

Man # 5: I don't need the spit, just make sure your mouth is wet, and you ain't biting my shit.

Moral of the story, make that shit sloppy. Suck a dick like you mean it!

"When a woman is riding you , do you prefer the bounce, the glide, or the rotate?"

Man # 1:Definitely the bounce.

Man # 2: I have a curved dick, so a woman has to know how to ride MY dick. I prefer a good bounce though. But, I do enjoy the glide also.

Man # 3: Bounce, glide, rotate, whatever, I just wanna see your titties bouncing in my face, my hands on your waist. Shit is sexy as fuck.

Man # 4: Bounce, and I'll help you out if you get tired.

Man # 5: Glide, and lean against my chest, and rotate and glide your hips while squeezing my dick with your walls.

I've been doing it all wrong, When I ride I focus on what feels good to me, and the glide feels amazing, I can feel every ridge of the dick when sliding back and forth, and it gets so deep. I'll bounce maybe 15 times before my out of shape ass is out of breath and over it lol. I gotta step my bounce game up!

"What is a turn off during sex?"

Man # 1: Bad hygiene. I can't do it.

Man # 2: A bad kisser. Being super rough, and overly aggressive before warming me up with some foreplay is a turn off too.

Man # 3: When a woman wear those corset things sucking in all they fat as an illusion, then we get to my place to fuck and it's a whole 'notha body. Bad breath, sour pussy smell, bad head are all turn offs.

Man # 4: Bad hygiene.

Man # 5: A lazy woman, that don't do much work in the bed, because they think they too cute.

Hygiene is a big one, as it should be. If you think you're having a bad hygiene day down there, you better act holy and say no to the dick!

"Do you actively use condoms every time you have sex? If not, what goes through your head before diving in raw?"

Man # 1: YES. If I don't I'm thinking is she straight, and focusing on my pull out game.

Man # 2: Yea. I may not start with one, but I try to finish with one. Before going in raw I'm thinking I better hurry and put it in before she say "nah". I have to feel that wetness on my dick.

Man # 3: When I'm in the mood, a condom is the last thing on my mind. Once I do start thinking about it, I'm already balls deep. I'm thinking "Shit, it's too late now."

Man # 4: Yes, and if I don't we have to be exclusively dating, or i trust you a whole lot. if a girl is forcing me to fuck her unprotected, I'll pass on that pussy.

Man # 5: Man, I fuck raw more than I should. Bitches be letting me all the time. I don't have any kids though.

Ladies, you gotta start wrapping it up. Because clearly niggas don't be using condoms with the ladies they be fucking. Men think women are so innocent, and they ain't fucking other niggas raw just like they fucking them. Starting with one or finishing with one can still spread diseases. Even when they just wanna rub the tip on the outside of the pussy, NO! Strap it up!

"What goes on in your head while performing oral sex on a woman?"

Man # 1: My goal is to have her juices in my beard, if my beard is drenched, then I did my job. I want her to make thrusting motions closer to my face. Dictate the motions.

Man # 2: I'm paying attention to what she moaning and jumping at. I eat the pussy to the beat of music if any is playing. I'll focus and do the alphabet, or I'll do shapes.

Man # 3: I'm thinking am I doing it right, because every pussy clit is different. So I have to focus.

Man # 4: I'm hoping her pussy shaved, and smell good.

Man # 5: I'm not big on eating pussy. Don't do it often.

Experiencing men in the mid-west, compared to the south is a HUGE difference. Mid-west men give head with their tongue only, or they don't do it at all. Men in the south, give head with their entire face (beard, lips, tongue, nose, facial hair), their fingers, all that! It's amazing. So I wasn't surprised at Man #5 answer. He won't have a girlfriend any time soon. ( No offense if you're reading this)

To Be Continued....

Stay tuned for:

Favorite type, and size breast.

Preferred appearance of a vagina

Men's opinion on piercings

Thoughts on cuddling

and many more questions.

Until Next Time

Love Melanin Milk


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