Unspoken Fantasy

November 27, 2016

After you read this, please let me know if this sounds INSANE, or incredibly enticing...

Sex can get boring after a while. Although, it's probably still satisfying. It may now be time to add some spice. I'm not talking about that basic cayenne, red pepper flakes spice. I'm talking about Habanero, Ghost Pepper level of spice! 


This is an Unspoken Fantasy that a few of you may have thought about! I'm here to try and get you excited enough to actually go through with it, safely. Not sure if there will be a strong black man willing to partake in these festivities, but it's nice having this as a thought. If not, find a woman to strap it on and take care of business! (We are capable of doing anything a man can do!) <--- My feminism moment for the day.


Okay, here it is...

I want to be tied up. Not tied up to the bed, or simply handcuffed; although that'd be cool too. Tied up all over. I want to be helpless. Unable to stop you from doing whatever you want to do to me. 

I want my entire body to be restricted. Have me bent over, ropes spreading apart my opening, and taking a thick 10" penis like a pro. I want a mouth game strong man to suck on my p***y like it's an oxtail bone, and I won't be able to push your head away when I can't handle it, or when I'm about to cum in your mouth. I want you to annihilate every hole on my body. Hear my screams, moans, and pleads for you to stop.

I want to have a safe word, which is highly recommended anyway. When a man enters that beastly state, it will be hard for him to easily snap out of it. I don't recommend it be anything obvious like 'Stop!', 'No More', or 'Quit'. Because it'll be second nature for you to yell those things when in pain. You need to let the pain reach a level of sensation and pleasure. (Which I'm sure it will). Think of something he'll remember and repeat it several times before starting. Maybe something funny, or an inside joke between the two of you.

While you create different positions while tied up, you can be pounded from behind with so much force, you feel all your internal organs being pushed up into your belly.

Now, while you're tied up on all fours, add a few more things to mix..

A Flogger (as shown in picture). It gives off the feeling of a sting, and a thud. So similar to a smack but with more of a lasting sting. It hurts like hell! I suggest you take 2-3 lashes and call it a day lol

You can use a paddle, which will actually work a lot better in the bent over doggy-style position. That's one heavy lash, which feels like a solid spanking. 

Something to grab around the house that you can use is a brush, or ruler. Also, don't forget about the whip! If he could use that during rough sex, it adds a great distraction for pain deciphering. Everything hurts, so you don't know whether to stop him, cry, scream, or endure it. 

Clueless on How To Use The Ropes? 


Use what you learn from tying the arms, and apply the same techniques when tying the legs. Place the legs in any position you feel desirable. Please keep in mind that it's wise to be able to fit a finger between the rope and the skin. So that you're not completely tied up like a hostage. Also, you should practice undoing the knot a few times, until it becomes easy. When doing the dragon sleeves, make sure you don't over do it, but pulling arms back too tight; you could risk straining a joint, or dislocating a shoulder. Make sure there is no circulation being cut off, before any play happens. You can also use this bondage rope tie as well. This way, your nipples are readily exposed, and the blood circulation has heightened the sensitivity.


In addition to the ropes...

I want my mouth to be duct taped. 

I want to place a ball gag piece in my mouth and strap it around my head.

I want you to insert anal plugs, and anal beads when your d*** is focusing on my vagina.

I want a mouth cover, muffling my entire mouth, slightly restricting my breathing.

I want an open mouth gag, forcing me to suck every inch of your penis. Not being able to control the speed you go, or the force. 

I want you to take away my sight and blindfold me.

I want you to bite me in places that are the most sensitive.

Pull my hair from the scalp, so that I automatically tilt my head as far back as possible.

I want you to wrap your hand around my throat from behind. 

I want you to pinch, suck, lick, twist, and bite my nipples.


I want to be in a state of bliss, where my mind leaves my body, and all the pain I feel, seems unreal, so I continue to endure it. All the pleasure I feel over powers the pain, making me cum all over the place. I feel as though there is no end. I enjoy myself to fullest level of satisfaction because I know I can't stop it. Call me names if you want, smack me across the face even. Push my back deeper into the floor. This is your chance to let out all your rage and then gently love me later.


Enjoy at your OWN RISK!!


In order to keep this blog post as lightly R rated as possible I'm going to stop right here. I decided to leave out graphics, and videos. However to get a better look at the bondage, tied up, rough sex I seek as a fantasy, follow my Tumblr account. Click Melanin Milk Tumblr link below.  

Melanin Milk Tumblr


 Thank you, come again!






























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