Canvassing The Banana

I don't want to be too blunt, but let's cut straight to the chase. Everyone should be sucking d*** in this day and age. Rather you are using flavored condoms or sucking the skin off. It should be happening. If you are bad at it, it's OK! Keep practicing and let your man "train" you to do it the way he enjoys it. Keep reading to really understand how to canvas a banana.

Positioning to the Curve.

Observing the angle of the dick is very important. You will impress your mate, if his d*** can just glide perfectly down your throat. (There are gag creams you can purchase to eliminate having such a extreme gag reflex when trying to do so). I advise you get some. Also knowing what angle you should suck a d*** depending on the curve will help out greatly.

Straight Penis - For a penis that doesn't curve, and it looks you right in the eye; this is what I want you to do. Have him stand up, and you sit at the edge of the couch, or bed while you sit upright. When he is directly in front of you, place your hands directly above his butt pulling him closer, and move your mouth towards his erect penis. It should be the perfect position to let him fuck your face, and stuff his d*** down your throat.

Curved to the Left and Right - Now this is going to be complicated to describe but follow me. When you have a penis that curves and you are ready to perform oral; if it curves to the left, have him lay down on his back. Position yourself on his left side, get on your knees or lay on your stomach. Your ass should be in the air facing him at this point. Now you can easily wrap your right arm around him (for balance) and glide his penis down your throat. Tilting your neck to the side will make it a lot easier. Now if it curves to the right, be on his right side. Also if you approach it with your body at a 90 degree angle that works amazing as well! Be prepared to have him being obsessed with you, if you manage to pull this off the way I envision it in my head.

Curved Up! - Not to get too personal but a penis that curves up is my FAVORITE! (specifically, because it touches my G-Spot during sex). When performing oral, the best way to get it down your throat is to be in the 69 position. If you have a man that does not give you head, and that position isn't obtainable; then he is not worth having your oral services.

Curved Down - Simply, lay him on his back, creep in between his thighs, balance yourself on your shins, and dive in. Since you are approaching from the front, his down curved penis will easily form to the shape of your throat.


I'm sure I speak for a few, when I say "I rarely use condoms when giving head." And by rarely, I mean close to never. Now for some reason, I'm quick to grab a condom before he sticks that thing in my vagina. But the taste of condoms is disgusting, and I'm sure it just doesn't feel the same for him. It just isn't pleasurable for both parties. But please practice safe sex!!! (I felt I should add that just in case someone emails me bitching me out, because they got herpes, or syphilis, or some other STD from sucking raw d***) But observe the penis before you suck it. You might find discrepancies, which will make you not want to perform oral at all.

Extracurricular Activities

Basically, what I'm trying to say here is lick some balls.

Eye Contact

Now don't be trying to give sexy eye contact when doing your thing, if you ain't making him moan and squirm. Eye contact is for confidence. You're pretty much saying "Yea, I know I'm the shit." I personally don't give eye contact, but it's very admirable in porno's. Stick to what you're comfortable with. I do suggest glancing up every now and then to see his face, that'll help you figure out what you're doing right or wrong. Hopefully, encourage you to increase your performance.

Be Aware!

If he has NO PUBES prepare yourself. This man is serious about his dick game, and he will definitely place his hands on the back of your head to guide you, if you are doing it wrong. He will also want your tongue to cover ever surface area of his manhood. (base, balls, shaft, all that!). If you are a rookie, just tell him you don't give head, because he is about to GO IN.

Don't Die

If and when you get that banana all they way down your throat, he will; I repeat, HE WILL try and hold your head down there. If you can handle it, begin making swallowing motions to massage his d*** for as long as you can (For some reason it helps keep you down there longer). As soon as you can't breathe anymore, force your way up for air! ( I hope you read that just as dramatic as I wrote it lol).

If a guy tries to face fuck you, try not to die lol. Move your head, or place your heads on his pelvic area to stop his thrust. If you're lying down and he's on top in a Superman position; pinch his ass or something, he'll stop.

Quick Tip

*Circulate your tongue around the penis.

*Use as much saliva that your mouth can create.

*Focus on the Frenulum, it's a very sensitive area on the penis. Rub your finger around it, flicker your tongue on it.

*Spit on it!

*Leave him addicted.

*Be enthusiastic, act like you enjoy it as much as he does.

*Try and kiss him afterwards, that's how you know it's real! lol

If he pulls away, or turns his cheek, he don't fux with you!

When all said and done, remember this one thing....

See ya later!


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