Anal Play in Any Way

September 20, 2017

It's time to just go ahead and try some new shit and experiment a little with your partner. Join the anal parade already! Stop being a little scary biatch! Jus' kidding :-)

I'm not just talking about anal sex (That's basics 101) but also eating ass, getting your ass ate, finger in the butt, butt plugs, anal fisting, anal beads, double anal penetration, and the PS-Spot that I'll be glad to put you on to at the end. We all should be enjoying the pleasures that this golden canal can bring. However, you must all first prepare yourself for anything. I've heard too many stories of anal play going terribly wrong, so

I have gathered some etiquette tips you may want to use, to ensure you aren't a holder of one of those horror anal stories.

First and foremost you want to make sure you are doing with someone you are comfortable with, someone you love or deeply like, and be sure that person knows you and your body well enough to respect you.

**This post contains graphic images and language**


Between the Cheeks 

It's a scary place to go apparently, and an even scarier place for people to talk about. Between the lovely cheeks of a woman's ass you will find her anus. A place that holds additional nerve endings that can sexually excite her. The huge scary myth is that this area is just soooo dirty. Which isn't the entire truth. The rectum is where fecal matter is and it has to pass through the anus, so the anus actually doesn't contain as much bacteria as you think if you cleansed properly and didn't eat chili flax seed soup all day. Don't get me wrong don't go sticking your finger up there and then sticking it up your vagina, because the vagina is sensitive and doing that can cause her some other issues. But don't let the fact that you poop from that end deter you from playing back there. With that said, let's talk about prep!


Eat Wisely


You should know whether or not there will be any anal play going on later in your day, so choose the food you eat wisely. Try not to eat bananas, dairy, beans, brown rice, oats, apples, or pears. Basically anything that you know your body does not process well. It may be helpful to drink coffee early in the day just to get whatever is backed up in there flowing and out your body early. Do not eat anything at least 2-3 hours before playing begins. Keeps you in the clear of being gassy, or triggering a bowel movement. 


Wash, Cleanse, Refresh


Wash your ass, please! Soak in the bath tub for a good 30-45 minutes. Add 3 Tbsp of coconut oil to your bath to make your skin even more soft, including the area between your butt cheeks. If you shower, and you have one of those brilliant hand held shower heads with 7 speeds. Spread them cheeks apart and put the speed on the high pressure, centered, water speed and aim it directly in your anus. Best way is to squat, or put one leg up for best angle. It'll get rid of any surprises that was on its way out. Its recommended to do a water flush with an enema, use water because you want to avoid unbalancing the anal environment. They even have anal douches in which I just found out about, that works WONDERS. The water will fall right back out, clean and fresh. You can even stick a finger up there as a trial run to make sure everything is clean. Lather up, and get ready for fun!


Be Sure You Have Lots of LUBE!

Unless he's eating the booty, lube isn't necessary for that activity. *A side note for you if someone will be eating your ass... a wise experienced friend once told me that if you drop a tiny, tiny, tiny, amount of vanilla extract on your finger, and rub it directly above your anus it'll give your ass a delectable smell. Whoever is back there is going to fall in love and will be eating, licking, and slurping for hours*.  Now if there is no ass eating, and saliva can't be used as a "lube" (which, by the way isn't suggested for anal sex, it just isn't slippery enough). Start with something small once lube is applied, like a finger. Then, if you like, push in some anal beads, and slowly pull them out. Get your hole opened, and relaxed. Keep applying lube until the strokes are fluid. I suggest putting a towel underneath you to save the sheets.

For beginners you might want to purchase Booty Eaze, it's AMAZING! It numbs the booty hole making the pain nonexistent. ( Do not substitute for lube ). Water based is the best. Always make sure you use the directed amount. Click picture to purchase! 


Did someone say anal beads!? A great way for you to practice alone, before having anal sex with  partner. You can buy beads or plugs. Beads are more fun, just insert them

Go Slow

Take your time, go nice and slow. Rather it's your tongue, finger, a butt plug, a dildo, or a dick. GO SLOW! Once you've gotten it opened and movement is agile then you go hard, and deep. You don't want any skin ripping, and you definitely don't want the process to be solely painful. When you feel like you can take more, start throwing it back. He'll begin to match your rhythm. Soon you'll be able to pull anal beads out your ass, and easily insert butt plugs, and it will all feel so good, pain will be the least of your worries. It is good to point out that most of the sensational nerves are right in the beginning of the anus so all he really needs to insert is the tip and you will enjoy that too. Start somewhere!


**Trust me, the first time you have a finger or dick in your ass, it definitely feels awkward like you have a finger or dick in your ass. I mean, I'm sure that's obvious. To be honest, the first five or even 20 times, it's going to feel like that. Eventually, when everything goes right, it'll feel like pleasure pressure!**

Be Relax & Comfortable

A booty massage is probably the best part of a massage. It relaxes you, and relieves the unwanted tension in your body. We all know back rubs turn into touching only the booty, which then turns into fucking. So before any anal action happens, make sure you are relaxed. Whether you need to smoke a blunt, get drunk, read a book, take a soothing bath, cuddle, or simply just have a conversation. Not only should you be relaxed, you should also be comfortable with the person you are playing with. It's second nature to clinch up when someone is coming towards your butt full forced with a hard dick, or a foreign object. However, if you're comfortable that clinch is less likely to occur. Clinching basically clears any relaxed state achieved, so once you clinch you basically gotta start all over. Relax, and breathe! In through your nose and out through your mouth. Have him use a tongue back there to really get things relaxed and open.


Another good note, don't do anything you don't want to do. If your partner wants to do it, but you just aren't comfortable yet or at all be sure to communicate that. Involuntary dick is never satisfying.


Inflict Pain Elsewhere

Ok, well don't go banging bitches head to the floor thinking she gone like that shit lol. We ain't all fucked up freaks. However, while he (or she) is back there murdering shit. In order to take your mind off the pain that you feel back there, you need pain elsewhere. Try chocking, hair pulling, getting your back bitten, ass smacking, nipple pinching, all that! Let the movement flow, relax your muscles, focus on the pleasure, and have fun! 


Dinners Ready!

I personally have not eaten ass before, so I'm going to tell you how I like my ass eaten. Get back there and give it one wet lick then breathe on it. A light cool long blow. You can then begin to kiss on it. Use one hand to rub my pussy or the perineum area, and use the other hand to grip my waist or my ass cheek. Tongue fuck my ass for a little bit, and now you can go to town with licks, tongue, whatever rhythm, whatever stroke, all of it feels good. Just warm me up a bit.


Now, if anal play doesn't feel good to you after about 5 attempts (and not just the tip), it could be that this just isn't your cup of tea, and that's fine. Don't continue to try in hopes that you will. But for those of you who enjoy it, indulge!



So I just recently learned of an area that I have been sleep on up until earlier this year. I had sex with this black gynecologist and he schooled my ass, and now I feel it is an essential requisite that I share. 


So women we have an area down there called the perineal sponge, also referred to as the PS Sponge. That spongy area is made up of erectile tissue, the same tissue that the penis and clitoris is made up of! Soooo.... Duh! We should be doing something with it.

This little spot can do everything from extend your orgasm, make it more intense and it can even cause an orgasm of its own. When you get aroused, just like a penis or clitoris, it becomes engorged. So if you have ever noticed that when you're cumming that spot normally pulsates, twitches, or jumps really fast. Imagine if your partner applies pressure to that area externally while you cum or right before you cum.. 


You can access it through the lower back wall of the vagina or the front of wall of the rectum; as seen in the picture above. Simply ones fingers or a curved toy is great for applying pressure from either of these angles.


The PS-spot can be so overwhelmingly amazing, or it can be a complete dud. Everyone experiences things differently. Just like how some women prefer their clit to be played with rough, soft, or not at all. It doesn't mean yours is broken or anything, it just isn't a pleasure that does anything for you, and that's fine.


Try it, research it and get familiar so that you too can cum crazy like myself.


And remember...


See ya!


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